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Have you been feeling like you are stuck in a rut or at a dead end with your career goals and you don’t know how to change it? Perhaps you would like to make more money or just a new career environment? You should evaluate where you stand with your career every so often, then decide what your next goal or step will be. You can reach your career goals with these helpful tips provided below:

Prevent stagnation

Evaluating your career path every one to two years will allow you to see where you stand within your career goals. You don’t want your career path to be stagnant, and to prevent stagnation you can compare your wages with other professionals within the same profession that you are in, then see what you can do to grow within your current company or other companies.

Speak, Listen, and Be Heard

With any job and career goals, you need to speak, listen, and be heard. At meetings at your job you should speak up, offer suggestions and solutions, and you should always speak directly to the boss. You don’t want to be the employee that is known as the complainer at meetings, but the employee who is there to provide solutions.

Get prepared for success

You should live your life and your career as if you were preparing yourself for a promotion. Any training that is provided by your employer is something that you should take advantage of along with meeting with the Human Resources to make sure that you are on the right path for the development of your career goals. Anytime an opportunity comes your way, you should be ready for it. You don’t want to always be struggling as you may miss the boat of opportunity.

Be an eternal student

You should try to learn by any criticism and feedback instead of being defensive. Your career goals should be you constantly learning and if you are not learning and you have become bored, then this may be the time to consider a career change. Wouldn’t you rather your bosses and coworkers see you as a positive employee that is open to feedback? You will gain respect when you do.

Reach for Solutions

With your career goals and all aspects of your life, you should have one objective and that is to always reach for solutions. Negative individuals and complainers will get nowhere and they will only hinder all success with the company. You should thrive on providing solutions rather than ignoring problems.

Reaching Targets

You should pull your own weight, reach targets, and lead by example with your career and never be the person who criticizes others. You can do that by arriving to meetings earlier than all your coworkers and being prepared fully for the meetings. If you have to stay later at the meetings, then that is okay.

Be a “Yes” Employee

Throughout your day at home and at the job you should try to say yes more often than you do saying no. You can do it easily by just rephrasing your answers to a positive way, and this will only impact positivity to your mood and to your brain. You will not be the office dog by saying yes, but you will only gain respect and your reputation will be positive. When you start saying yes throughout the day, then saying no will be harder to do.

— August 22, 2017

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