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All team members are responsible for creating a positive and harmonious working atmosphere in the workplace, and one of the most important factors that employers are searching for when they are hiring new employees is the ability of being compatibility. You can make sure that you come across to the employer as a positive team player and a worker who can work in harmony with all the other employees by avoiding saying negative comments and avoiding controversial conversations during your job interview. This also includes any conversations that you may have with people before your job interview, because you should remember you really never know who you are talking to beforehand and you want to leave a good impression.

Here is what not to talk about at your job interview:

Topics such as race, religion, and politics should be avoided

You should avoid discussing race, religion, or politics during your job interview or in the workplace. You can have your own opinions on these topics as they are important topics, but there are just places that you should not discuss these topics, especially in the workplace. You could possibly alienate coworkers who may be very important to your job, and this could keep you from getting the job that you are interviewing for.

Complaints and personal problems

During your job interview you should not discuss personal problems or spend your time complaining. If you are complaining during your job interview, the employer may think you are a negative person, and anytime you are being negative it lowers your energy and your interview performance will be lowered. It is wise to keep all your personal problems out of the workplace, even if you have worked at a job for a lengthy time. You can share your personal problems with your friends and family members, and if at any time you decide to share your personal problems or even complain at the workplace, then you might want to consider therapy. You should also not complain about your past bosses or your past employer during your job interview as this will only make you look weak. If you really need to talk to someone, the human resources department should be your first port of call.

Habits and addictions

Your job interview or your workplace should not be the platform for discussing if you like to drink at night, smoke cigarettes, or sampling psychedelic drugs (even if you only did this on a vacation trip to Peru). The only types of addiction that are worth mentioning at an interview are your addition to the gym or other healthy pursuits.


During your interview you should not take part in gossiping, because the employer may think you are a negative team player or that you enjoy when another co-worker fails. Everyone can make a mistake, so avoid taking part in gossiping. You should also never talk about other companies or competitors at the job interview, because the employee will think that you can’t be trusted with their company’s sensitive information.

— August 15, 2017

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