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It is possible to gain employment while being an expat in Mexico. Despite the bureaucratic overtones, it is relatively easy for expats who desire to work in Mexico to navigate through the Mexican immigration process. One main requirement is that your position must not be one that takes a position away from a Mexican. Because of this, most job offers suitable for expats are those requiring fluency in English.

Types of Employment in Mexico for Expats

Even though many think of Mexico as a developing country, this country actually has a nice variety of employment positions that expats can take advantage of that are no different than those found in more developed countries. And, expats can make a nice salary too if they have solid working skills. Therefore, a variety of positions are available to you as an expat in Mexico.

Working Visas and Employment in Mexico

Unlike the visa process in Canada and the United States, the process for obtaining employment legalling in Mexico is simple. All you have to do is apply for a working visa. For starters, if you already have secured a position within Mexico and are qualified to get the position, the process will be very clear (even though the length of time may be a bit long). The FM3, which is now referred to as the Temporary Resident Visa, used to be obtained by applying for it while still residing in Mexico on a tourist visa. However, the process changed after 2012, and expats must apply while not residing in Mexico on a tourist visa. Thus, it is crucial that expats are mindful of this when looking for employment in Mexico.

What are the wages like?

Naturally, the type of employment in Mexico that you find will determine how much money you make. Keep in mind that wages will be somewhat lower than those expected in your home country. This is in part due to the lower cost of living in this area. So, money will stretch a bit further here than it does in your home country, which will allow you the chance to live a better life while being able to save money. The popular positions that make money in Mexico for expats are in real estate and sales. These positions often utilize your native language skills. However, if you can speak Spanish well, you can land upper administrative positions and high-paying positions in other professions that allow you to earn a suitable salary.

— August 10, 2017

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