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Do you think you have a hard job? Is this why you are wanting to change your career? Maybe, you are just wanting to challenge yourself? There are literally hundreds of comfortable 9-5 structured jobs out there. There are also jobs that push people with challenges and scary environments too. There are plenty of career opportunities out there that will challenge you, be unique, and even is dangerous if this is the type of career that you are looking for. If you think you have a hard job, then read on…

Astronaut Jobs

An astronaut’s job is stressful. One must be fit physically and have the capacity to handle the mental isolation during the long missions in space. The environment is stressful to say the least, which is why an astronaut must always stay calm during a crisis. There is plenty of rewards and satisfaction that comes with this job, and you will see this when you look down upon earth from far out into space along with living in space where you float around in this weightless environment.

Firefighter Jobs

A firefighter’s job has the role of protecting the lives of the public during scary and life threatening occurrences. They are on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so they can respond to numerous types of emergency situations such as auto crashes, chemical spills, water rescues, and fires. This is a stressful job along with being challenging, and to be a great firefighter you must be mentally and physically strong along with having behavioral traits that gives you the ability to withstand the demanding role of this career.

Oil Rig Worker Jobs

One of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs is being an oil rig worker as the hours are tiresome and long and the environment is hostile. An oil rig worker job can vary with different positions that vary from a painter, driller, cleaner, and tool pusher. This is not the career for the person who is a social-able person as the work schedule involves you on working away on the rig for six weeks, then you will be off for six weeks. The amount of money may be the reason that you may want this career, because the salary is high, which is why many people disregard the danger.

Riot Police Jobs

A riot police job will involve you in controlling any riots and activities by mobs and protecting the public. They are always armed and protected with shields, Tasers, water cannons, tear gas, and other things, so they can fully protect the innocent lives of people against mobsters. This career comes with many dangers, so you will need a large amount of physical and mental perseverance, but the pay is outstanding and you will receive benefits with the state and other perks as well.

Neurosurgeon (Brain Surgeon)

A neurosurgeon is also known as a brain surgeon and they perform surgery on spinal cords, brains, nerves, along with treating wounds, chronic pain relief, and vascular disorders. A neurosurgeon also works with people with epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. It takes many years of college and studying to become a neurosurgeon and this career comes with a lot of stress and the working hours are long and tedious.

Now that you have seen some of the hardest jobs, do you think you have a hard job now?

— August 2, 2017

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