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A guide to reinventing your Career and yourself!

Laura Berman Fortgang is a life coach and author who has an awesome TEDx talk that discusses shifting your career to enhance your life. Her video is an innovative approach that teaches you to examine what you have done so far in your career, and it causes you to look at how you have limited yourself in what you feel you can do based on your career background. She believes a person’s resume is only a fraction of what that person can do and is only a portion of the career options available to that person. College studies should not limit your perception of what you think you qualify for as a career. Instead, you should see your career options as those things you have a passion for and love doing: those things that allow you to be yourself!

Reinventing yourself in your career

Instead of reflecting on the type of work you used to do, you evaluate the things you would like to do—the things you are most passionate about. A career option in what you once thought was too removed from what you are supposed to do just may be the right match for your passions. For example, many people may not relate doing charity work to working in sales. But, once you start to look at what passions you have concerning the two types of employment, you start to see how the positions made you feel when you performed the duties of the jobs. In this case, both positions allowed you to meet people who needed a specific service. Also, these positions are based on you being reliable help for others, which may be one of your passions: to help others.

Laura Berman Fortgang has published five books. Her book Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction is a best seller, and all of her books have been published in multiple languages.

— August 29, 2017

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