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When you work in sales, it’s all about your pitch; people make up their minds very quickly so you have to identify what will be most important to them and cater to that quickly to secure sales. Selling timeshare is no different; there’s a different approach to take for each and every customer.

Selling timeshare to women

When it comes to selling timeshare to women, you need to consider the ways in which their priorities might differ to those of men, and if they have children how this might affect their priorities further still. If you tailor your approach to different customers you will find that your success rate rises considerably.

Take these generalizations with a pinch of salt

Here are some of the best hints and tips we have when it comes to selling timeshare to women. These, of course, will not suit all women, but they might help provide you with another perspective to consider when tailoring your sales pitch. Ultimately the best sales technique is to identify and play to the main needs and desires of the person in front of you at any given time.

The Female Perspective

When you’re getting ready to start selling timeshare to women you need to think first and foremost about their perspective; is she single and young? Mature with a family? Or a young, single mother? All of this will affect what she wants and needs from her timeshare. Single women will be less interested in things like child care availability and family friendly attractions. Things like nearby spa’s, good bars, fitness centres, and dining options will no doubt be more important to such women. When putting amenities out there watch her body language and expressions to see if they are things she finds interesting. If she’s not a gym bunny or a glamor puss, you might consider pitching the local hiking trails, conservation attractions, and water sports. It’s all about the kind of person she is.

How it looks

Once you’ve zeroed in on the things that are most important to her you need to think about how you present your pitch. A polished, smooth, visual pitch is more likely to be effective when it comes to closing the deal. You should have a package that includes visual materials so that you can help her to visualize how this space will be effective for her future vacations. Make sure you can show her the suites, the amenities, and the common areas at their very best. Many women are visual creatures; they like to see potential in a space before they invest in it.

Know your math

Just like men, women like to see the bottom line laid out; they like to know that they’re getting the very best for their dollar so don’t be afraid to lay out the financial data. Don’t oversimplify it, either, but be ready to break it down if asked. Women like to be treated as if they know what they’re looking at because very often they do; trust that she will ask for clarification if its needed. Laying out this kind of information in simple, honest terms will allow her to see that she can trust you.

Whether you’re selling timeshare to women or men, trust is all important; this is one thing which is truly universal!

— September 7, 2017

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