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Living and working at the beach could extend your life expectancy, which is why beach destinations are very popular. Everyone loves to lay back, relaxing on the warm sands while watching the waves slowly hit the shore with a cold cocktail. There are other reasons why most people prefer to be by the ocean waters. The ocean actually promotes good health. How would your health be if you were living and working at the beach? Did you know that it could extend your life expectancy? Read below to find out more information about living and working at the beach could extend your life expectancy:

Altitude at Sea Level

When living and working at the beach you will be breathing sea level air that is enriched oxygen so your body is receiving healthy doses which is beneficial in organ functioning. Headaches are reduced along with your concentration levels will be increased due to the sea level air at the beach.

Less Air Pollution

Anytime you live near the sea, you will suffer less from the air pollution effects. The open air and sea breeze together will dissipate the air pollution, and this is true even for large cities by the beach with heavy traffic. Of course, when you breathe fresh, cleaner air it is good for your lungs, and it also pumps fresh oxygen into your body too. Air pollution is also known to cause heavy coughing, wheezing, and nose, throat, and skin irritations along with other serious ailments. There are heavy levels of lead in air polluted air that is known to assist in causing serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease.

Negative Ions Bring Good Health

Anytime that you live around the ocean and nature, the air is being negatively charged with ions that promote good health, wellbeing, and stress is reduced. The oxygen atoms are being charged with an additional electron that will protect you from germs that are airborne, allergies, and other throat and sinus conditions. There are electrical ionizers for home use that companies are selling for hundreds of pounds. You can get this for free when you live and work by the beach.

Relaxed and Laid Back Lifestyle

If you ask anyone that works and lives by the beach what is the best benefit, then they will probably tell you that you will live a relaxed and laid back lifestyle, especially if you are located at a top tourist beach location such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The atmosphere is less stressful and the people that you encounter on the streets are generally on vacation and they are all relaxed and laid back.

Fresh Fish Every Day

You may already know, but fish is packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that is great for brain function and your health. When you live and work at the beach you will be able to indulge in fresh fish every day if you choose, and if you enjoy eating fish!

As you can see, living and working at the beach could extend your life expectancy! There are many health benefits that you will receive when you live and work at the beach.

— September 11, 2017

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