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Is dressing correctly for work a priority for you? Your type of job will determine the proper clothing you should wear. There are some jobs that require employees to dress formally while some jobs will provide you with a uniform to wear, then if you are lucky to have a job that allows you to wear the clothing that expresses your individuality. If dressing correctly for work is top on your list, then read the guide provided below, so you know how to dress correctly for your job.

Formal Office Positions

A suit is normally required for many formal office positions, and men are often asked to wear dress shoes and a tie. Thankfully, this dress code is becoming less seen and common as clothing that is comfortable is preferred in the office, and the companies are not requiring men to wear the tie. In the last decade, women were regularly required to wear high heels, but that is not required in most western countries anymore as it would be considered as gender discrimination. In some companies wearing heels for women is just an unspoken rule and women comply.

Informal Office Positions

If you have an informal office position where you are not in contact with the public or you work in a call center or cubicle, then you will probably have a casual clothing option. Of course, many companies don’t allow mini-skirts, shorts, sweatpants, or flip-flops, but they do allow tennis shoes. If you are starting your first day in an informal office, then you shouldn’t wear tennis shoes on the first day of employment.

Stores, Boutique, and Sales Positions

There is a certain level of formally when you work in stores, boutiques, and have a sales position. Many businesses and store owners want their employees to always look nice and presentable for their customers. Each business may set forth their own rules for the clothes that are prohibited to wear, but they all generally want their employees to look presentable and professional at all times. Some businesses and stores will provide their employees with a t-shirt that displays the logo of the business or even a name tag or badge that has the employee’s name, so customers and clients can identify the employee with ease. Many times it can be confusing when employees are wearing their own clothing when you are a customer shopping, as you never know who the employee is.

Dirty Work Positions

Cleaning services, construction workers, and garbage men are jobs that will almost always allow their employees to wear what they want to work, because the business owners understand that the clothes could be ruined. Sometimes the business owners will provide overalls to their employees to wear so their personal clothing is protected.

Public Service Positions

Public service positions that include the army, police officers, doctors, and nurses are required and expected to wear a uniform that is easily identified to match their position. For example, everyone can easily identify a police officer when they see them in their uniform as they all have a badge, a gun belt, and a hat.

Creative Positions

Any job that will reflect one’s personal individuality can wear any type of clothing as they wish, but you should have a bit of fashion conscious with your clothing. Creative job positions that include performers or presenters will have a fashion stylist to help them choose their clothing to reflect their performance and image.

What type of clothing do you wear to work? Dressing correctly for work will keep you on the good side of your bosses. Leave a comment below and let us know what clothing you wear to work each day.

— September 19, 2017

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