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There are many things that should be avoided when you want to write a great resume according to the Forbes website. On the website the article: The Five Top Resume Mistakesit shows resume writers what to do to avoid writing a bad resume, and what to do to write a great resume. We have added a few of the best pointers of that article on the Forbes page, so you can adjust your resume to be great, and add all the best things, so it lands you the job you are wanting.

Eye Catching and Pleasing

There is absolutely no excuse for any resume not to be eye pleasing and catching with the technology that the computers possess today. The first thing that is eye pleasing for a resume is leaving blank white areas in the resume, so that it is easier to read. Make sure that the content is centered, then formatted correctly, then if you think it is too word heavy, then you can add a bit of graphic design, but don’t add too much, because it will look to childish or like an unread girly magazine cover. The font is very important for making it pleasing for the reader visually. Try to use a traditional type of font, like the Arial or the New Times Roman font, because it is easy to read and eye pleasing. When you are sending your resume electronically this type of font is easy on the eyes to read.

Be Straight to the Point

An average resume is around one, maybe two pages in length. When you are writing past employers, then don’t be too informational. Just add any past employers that have the same kind of job history for the job that you are applying for. Stay focused on this area, because it looks better, and doesn’t bore any employer with too much information.

Highlight Only Strengths

Highlight only the strengths that you possess. This will show the employer that you are confident, secure, and a good candidate for the position you are applying for. If you don’t have the experience or skill that the employer is needing, then don’t tell the employer this information, or alternatively, you could let them know you are willing to take a course to learn this area. This will really impress an employer.

Number Crunching

One thing that many business employers want to see is numbers, facts, and evidence. You can prove your facts and evidence with percentages, achievements, and accomplishments. How can you do this? You can do this with how you got your previous employer sales, profits, or the numbers you brought in. This is what a potential employer wants to see, evidence.

Short Brief Sentences

Make sure your resume has short, brief sentences. There is one thing that an employer hates, and that is long, boring sentences that go on forever. Write short, brief sentences. It will be easy to read and highlight all your benefits.

Eliminate References from Resume

Eliminate references from your resume. This is useless information, a waste of time and space. The only time you should ever add references to your resume is if the employer asks you to, and if the employer does ask you to, then make the references very brief, and on an additional page.

Don’t Write About Past Duties Performed

There is no need to write about past duties that you performed for your past jobs. The past duties or responsibilities is a waste of time for you and the employer. Instead of writing all of this, try sticking to all the accomplishments and achievements you have received for your past company. This will impress any employer.

An Adult Email Address

When you are sending your resume through email you should have an adult email address that looks professional. What isn’t an adult email address? That would be an email address that you used when you were attending high school such as; cheerleader4life@hotmail.com or buffmale@yahoo.com, and your reference name like Barbie Girl or Batman. These are not an adult email address that shows any employer you are serious about the position you are applying for. You can open up a professional email address that is designated for only job related resumes. This will stand out for any jobs you are applying for.

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— November 4, 2015

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