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When looking for work having a CV is all important. It might seem like this is not the case because so many positions require you to fill out an application form, and as a result many companies won’t pay great attention to your CV. In fact, some won’t look at it at all, but nonetheless keeping your CV. up to date has many great benefits! For this reason you should make a habit of updating and revitalizing your resume at least every other year.

Importance of writing a CV

  1. Having a good CV makes a good impression
  2. Having a well put together CV even if you don’t need it, is a straight path to making a great impression on your interviewers. You don’t want to find yourself in the position of needing your CV and not having it, after all. The thing about having a well set out, elegant resume is that it will convince your interviewers that you are taking the process, your possible new career, and them seriously which can only be a good thing! On the flip side if they do ask for one and you can’t produce one then it gives the impression that you are poorly organized at best, or, at worst, lazy.

  3. Documents your past employers
  4. Almost all new employers will want contact details for your previous employers so they can act as references. Keeping an up to date CV will help you keep track of your previous employers and their contact telephone numbers and email addresses.

    Importance of Writing a CV

  5. Tell the truth on your CV
  6. Lying in your CV is a futile exercise because in the end it’s very likely that you’ll be found out! If you would need to learn new skills in order to fulfil the role you’re applying for then tell your interviewer, but be sure to note that you’re willing to learn and to facilitate the process! After all you don’t want to find yourself in the position of needing to display a skill, or set of skills, that you don’t actually have.

  7. Use your CV as a self appraisal
  8. The hardest thing to do for many people is to sell themselves. Many people worry that if they are positive and honest about their capabilities that they will be seen as arrogant or obnoxious, but it’s quite the opposite. Employers want people who are aware of their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Writing up a revamped CV. now and then will help you to recognize the progress you have made, and can even tell you when you should be thinking about going for promotions or asking for a raise.

  9. Write your CV in Preparation for a Job Interview
  10. Interview jitters are a common thing, and it’s only natural to be nervous when you find yourself under scrutiny. However there is no better way to get rid of your anxieties, and to be ready to answer any questions, than by feeling prepared. Going over your CV is the perfect way prepare yourself by acquainting yourself with your skills and talents all over again.

— July 15, 2015

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