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Mano a Mano in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for work opportunities in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico then the publication Mano a Mano is one of the first places many people look for a job as it is one of the first places where employers advertise jobs. They do this because they know that they’ll reach the right people by doing so!

What is Mano a Mano in Puerto Vallarta?

Find your dream job

Mano a Mano is a weekly classifieds magazine that is published for Puerto Vallarta and other nearby towns. Every Friday new jobs are advertised in the Magazine which gives jobseekers plenty of opportunity to get their resumes updated over the weekend. A copy of the magazine will usually be available at an OXXO or Kiosko in the centre of Puerto Vallarta, but make sure you get one on Friday or you may not find one at all!

How you should use Mano a Mano

You should read all of the listed jobs carefully, and mark ones you are interested in, and try not to disregard any without some consideration. Often a job you ignore could actually be one which you have the skills and qualities to be successful in; any job can be a springboard to great things. Note all the requirements recorded in the adverts in Mano a Mano, even if you don’t have all the skills and qualities they are asking for you could still be the perfect person for the job in other ways.

What if there are no jobs in Mano a Mano for me?

If you check the magazine for a few weeks and still don’t see any jobs you like then you could try contacting companies directly. You can also join local Facebook groups to see if any interesting jobs come up.

— June 30, 2015

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