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Are you a Canadian looking for work in Mexico?

If you don’t have at least a basic grasp of Spanish you might find getting good job opportunities in Mexico a little difficult. Immigration laws have become more strict in recent years, too, which means that you will need to find a job before you leave Canada. Most successful Canadians living and working in Mexico were hired before they left Canada. There are, of course, many jobs which you could do, especially in the coastal tourist areas.

What can Canadians do in Mexico?

The law at the moments states that foreigners cannot be awarded a job that a local Mexican could do. This means that, unless you are a specialist, you might find it difficult to get the kind of work you want. Without a conversational level of Spanish, at the very least, it can be hard to work professionally in your chosen field. Most of the jobs for non-Mexicans can be found in the hospitality sector, specialist fields, and in the teaching of English. Jobs in the salesroom at one of the Villa Group resorts is also a viable, profitable option for Canadians looking for job opportunities in Mexico because your target clients are Canadian and American.

Can Canadians work legally in Mexico?

Depending upon the job that you are going to do, immigration will judge the validity of your work status. You will need to apply for your work visa before you arrive in Mexico, usually after you have been offered a job. If you plan to visit Mexico in order to look for work then you must keep in mind that you will have to leave Mexico in order to apply for your visa. The internet provides a great way for job seekers to scout out their potential opportunities. It also allows you to get all your paperwork in order before you even leave Canada. At Villa Group, we can help you out with all the necessary paperwork you will need and guide you on the process.

Support for Canadians living and working in Mexico

Canada has an Embassy in Mexico City as well as representatives and consulates in major cities and all tourist areas to provide support for Canadians in Mexico. There are large Canadian communities in Mexico so you’ll find a wide and mature support network ready to greet you through forums and social media.

— June 17, 2015

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