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Now that you have graduated from college you might want to know some tips to help you get your first job. Here are some handy tips inspired by an article by Susan Adams in Forbes Magazine online, “6 Things You Must Do to Get Your First Job after College”.

A LinkedIn Profile is Recommended

Before you even finish high school, you should create a LinkedIn profile. The profile won’t be so detailed, because you are still in high school, but you can add all your activities that you are involved with in high school along with any jobs that you have or had in the past. When you get a different job, then you can eliminate any of the first jobs such as babysitting.

A Blog with WordPress Gives Presence

A great way to help you get your first job after college is to get a website with your own professional domain, then add WordPress. This will give you a way to reach out by blogging and a great way to showcase who you are and what you can offer companies. Blogs can be about the job that you are wanting to engage in or anything trending on social media. A personal topic is always a good way to start your blog.

Try Internships

Before you even graduate from college you should try getting in an internship at a company that you would like to work at. Many large companies’ offer college grads a chance in an internship program. This is one of the best ways to help you get your first job after college. Even if the company don’t go on to hire you, you will be more employable because of your experiences.

How to Get Your First Job After College

Find a Mentor in your Chosen Field

Too many times student just go to their parents or a family member to be their mentor. Don’t alienate yourself by choosing a mentor that you know, unless the parent or family member is career minded and can help you achieve your career goals. Get on LinkedIn, then do a search for a mentor that is in the job source you want to break into.

College Career Office Services

The college career office services is a great way to connect you with a former alum that is in the job that you want to be in. Nearly thirty percent of students are using their college career office services, so that is not even half of the students taking advantage of this service. The college career office can assist you in preparing for any job interviews, making a resume, and a great cover letter, but the one to really assist you is an alum in the same career you want to be in.

Join Specific Career Groups

Universities and college offer a variety of career groups. The career groups are designed for different careers. The specific career group can help you get established in the career you want, and they can even help you in the company that they work for too. Join a specific career group that will be there for you when you need help after college. Your peers can introduce you to fellow workers, which is a great way to connect to the career field you are entering after college.

Read Susan Adams’ article here

— June 11, 2015

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