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Though unemployment easily takes the crown of the worst job status ever, there are still quite a few jobs that are thankless, stressful, or unpleasant not matter which part of the world you live in. Living in a beautiful place like Puerto Vallarta, Mexico does however, make up for some of the pitfalls of less desirable work; one look at the views and the sunset, and you’ll find it all seems worthwhile.

Nonetheless, let’s see what the worst jobs in Puerto Vallarta might be.

Substitute Teacher

Being the sub-teacher is a tough role to play in any city; all the responsibility of your colleagues, but arguably half the respect from the kids who know, honestly, that you’ll be out of their lives in a week or so. Being a cover teacher requires dedication, endurance, and a thick skin. While the kids in Puerto Vallarta’s schools are generally well behaved, the temptation to razz the substitute is just too much from time to time.

Garbage Collector

Being a garbage collector is easily one of the worst jobs in Puerto Vallarta where it gets very hot and sticky, and the garbage starts to smell terrible pretty quickly. Hats off to your local garbage collectors in Puerto Vallarta because they need to be a tough crowd.

Cleaning Public Bathrooms

Someone’s gotta do it; this much is true, but it’s not high on most people’s list of desirable jobs. Though there are only a few areas in Puerto Vallarta where public toilets are in use, namely the Malecon and main plaza, it is a service that many people, locals and tourists, just take for granted, without a second thought to those who have to clean them!

Windscreen Washer at the Traffic Lights

Easily the very worst job in Puerto Vallarta, if you’re judging by security and consistency. This is not hugely common in Puerto Vallarta, but is seen on the way to Bucerias while passing Nuevo Vallarta. Obviously the pay can be pretty poor, and this kind of work leaves the worker exposed and vulnerable to the elements for the majority of the day.

Sellers on the Beach

While this is not one of the worst jobs in Puerto Vallarta in terms of potential income, it is pretty hard-going spending the whole day walking up and down Puerto Vallarta’s beaches tempting tourists with your wares. If you are thinking about this kind of job in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to get the correct license, or you could find yourself in trouble with the authorities as well as locals.

However, at Villa Group, there is no need to fall into one of the worst jobs in Puerto Vallarta. On the contrary, you could be the perfect candidate for the best job you’ve ever had. Fill out the questionnaire today and see if you have what it takes for that dream job in Puerto Vallarta.

— October 27, 2015

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