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Unemployment is the worst job status of all, clearly. However, several jobs exist that are incredibly stressful and thankless, among other things. You would think that living in a gorgeous place such as Cancun would mean that you do not have to deal with aggravating jobs. It may seem that the beautiful sunsets and natural scenery make it all worthwhile.

The following positions are the worst jobs in Cancun that you are likely to find:

Windscreen Washer

Yes, there are people who actually wash the windscreens of cars as they are stopped at the traffic lights. This is not a secure or consistent type of job. Pay is not all that great, and you are exposed to the elements for most of the day. Easily one of the worst jobs in Cancun.

Substitute Teacher

It is always difficult to play the role of a substitute. You have a ton of responsibility that any other teacher would have, yet you also have to contend with disrespect or doubt from students who you may not know at all. There is a good chance that you only have a few days or a week or two in their lives, before you move on to the next job. You have to have a thick skin in order to make it work. It requires a great deal of dedication and endurance, as well. Though the children who attend schools in Cancun typically are fairly well-behaved, you’ll find many who like to pick on the sub.

Garbage Collector

This is quite easily one of the worst jobs in Cancun you possibly could take on. This is because it gets extremely sticky and hot. The garbage smells awful in a very short amount of time. You have to give respect to anyone who is a garbage collector in that area of the world, as they surely are a tough person.

Public Bathroom Cleaners

Though somebody has to take on this job in Cancun, it is still one of the least desired out there. Fortunately, there are a small number of areas which use public toilets in Cancun. This service is one that many individuals take for granted as to who is cleaning the bathrooms that they use.

Beach Sellers

The income that is gained from these jobs in Cancun is relatively decent, though it is tough to really make a big success out of it. You have to dedicated and business savvy to be profitable. Most of your day is going to be spent walking around to show tourists your products. If you are considering trying out this job in Cancun, be certain that you have the appropriate license to avoid getting in trouble.

When you join the Villa Group’s sales team, you will have much better prospects and unbeatable earning potential in one of the best jobs in Cancun. You may end up being an ideal candidate for an amazing job that you will love. Fill out a questionnaire to determine if you are the perfect fit for your dream job in Cancun.

— March 24, 2016

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