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If you are planning on making a permanent move to Mexico and you haven’t got a job lined up immediately for arrival then there are many ways you can find work when you actually get there. Mexico is a welcoming country that embraces people from all walks of life who have new skills and experiences to offer. Below is a short list of ways you can find a job when arriving in Mexico.

How to Find a Job in Mexico


Craigslist is a great way to advertise your skills and to look for work. It is sub-categorized so you can click on the sort of work you are looking for. More often than not, the salary being offered and the skills required will be listed. This is a quick way to see what jobs are available in Mexico without leaving your house or having to trawl the streets looking for advertisements. It is also a useful way to secure interviews before arriving your home country.

Word of Mouth

If you have settled into Mexican life and have established friends and contacts, then word of mouth can be a great way to find a job in Mexico within the area of your choice. If it is bar work you are looking for then simply hanging out in bars and asking can be a great way of finding work. If it is teaching you’re interested in then finding like-minded individuals and asking them for any knowledge can be worthwhile. Or simply meeting people that are long term residence of Mexico can help.

Social networking groups

By joining groups online that are focuses on community living and events can be a great help when finding a job abroad. They are set up by people who have been through the transition of moving abroad and can really help with advice. People advertise for employees all of the time and are mainly English speaking and thus looking for English speaking employees. Facebook is a great way to start as you can join varying groups that offer advertizing and support to foreigners working and living in Mexico.

Best Types of job in Mexico for English speakers

If you are not bilingual or Spanish speaking then the jobs you can get in Mexico can be limiting. The most obvious one is teaching as most of the private schools in Mexico are bilingual and are desperate for native speaking English teachers. For some schools you may need a degree in education; however the majority of schools will accept people with a tefl certificate or experience with working with children.

If you are moving to an area of Mexico where tourism is at a large and expats make up a large part of the community, then bar or restaurant work may also be an option for you. There are a large amount of expat bars and restaurants that love to employ English speaking workers that make the expats feel at home.

Another option is to work from home for your employer back home. This is a great option as you can work your own hours and make the money you were making in your original country but living in country where foreign money goes far.

The best paid jobs for foreigners in Mexico are sales positions with real estate and timeshare being the most lucrative and the best work-lifestyle balance. If you want to find a job in Mexico and think you have what it takes to sell vacation experiences, then read the rest of this website to see if working for the Villa Group could be an option for you.

— March 17, 2016

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