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Looking for the right career also means finding a job that meets your ethical standards and matches your personal integrity. At Villa Group timeshare we pride ourselves on employing salesmen and saleswomen who exhibit the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Villa Group timeshare is a genuinely attractive product that stands on its own merits, with no need to embellish, offer false promises or manipulate numbers. It is our mission that the words “timeshare scams” and “Villa Group” never appear in the same sentence; therefore we are seeking to recruit only those people who are committed to honesty.

Honesty and a genuine passion for sales

The kind of team players we are looking for to represent our worthy brand are those sales personnel who fully immerse themselves in the products they are selling. Falling in love with our timeshare resorts in Puerto vallarta, Cancun, Los Cabos and Loreto, is the first stage to becoming a success with the Villa Group timeshare division. We have worked hard to protect the Villa Group timeshare reputation from the stains of timeshare scams and unscrupulous sellers, and we continue to expect the highest standards of our team members. Your job will be to sell our fantastic products without the need for lies or scams. We want happy members to join us year after year, members who are proud to be part of our Villa Group family, not victims of lies or scams.

We are seeking to recruit only those people who are committed to honesty.

Protecting Clients From Timeshare Scams

It is part of the Villa Group mission to be part of the solution when it comes to timeshare scams; informing our members of any new or reemerging timeshare scams that may affect both members and potential clients. It is our mission to help clean up the industry from timeshare scams, providing an environment where our clients can choose from a range of genuine vacation ownership products without fear of timeshare scams.

If you think you have what it takes to share this mission towards creating a scam-free timeshare industry, apply today and become part of a timeshare team that thrives on its integrity.

— March 30, 2016

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