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Are you planning to relocate to Cancun and you are looking for employment? Did you know that moving to Mexico will be a fantastic way to live your best life? Thankfully, in 2019 individuals are no longer stuck working at a boring desk job. Would you like to live an exciting life and make a great living, too? If so, then you should consider a job as an OPC promoter with one of the most recognized resorts in Cancun. Do you want a job in Cancun? The expat opportunities in the timeshare industry are endless. Continue to read below to learn about expat opportunities for those who want a job in Cancun.

Cancun: Sought Out Vacation Destination

For decades, Cancun has been popular and sought out vacation destination for tourists from around the world, and it’s only expected to increase in coming years. Cancun has beautiful and breathtaking beaches along with ideal year-round weather. Thousands of tourists visit Cancun each year, and as a result, there are many top resorts and hotels that provide luxurious accommodations for the many tourists and visitors who arrive to have the vacation of a lifetime. So many visitors immediately fall in love with Cancun, which oftentimes brings them back to Cancun every year for their vacations. Due to that, becoming a vacation club owner is the best way to have incredible vacations each year. Wondering what kind of job in Cancun that you could do in the timeshare industry? An OPC (Outside Public Contact) promoters are the sales reps that provide potential vacation club members with the information they need in order to become a member with a top and professional resort in Cancun.

Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun are Top Resorts in Cancun

Wondering which are the best resorts and vacation clubs in Cancun? The Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun are just a couple of the most popular and top resorts in the area. OPC promoters provide visitors with information about the top resorts and details on the vacation club plans available. OPC sales reps must be friendly, trustworthy, and have a very positive attitude. The main task for the OPC’s is to generate traffic to the resort where guests can attend a timeshare presentation and tour some of the most popular resorts in Cancun, such as Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun. The OPC’s must always make sure that they present themselves with a positive demeanor in accordance with the great reputation of these award-winning resorts, so all potential buyers are always comfortable and at ease.

Responsibilities of the OPC Promoters

Do you like working with people? Are you energized and motivated? If you are, then you may be a perfect candidate for an OPC promoter position job in Cancun. The Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun promoters will work around Cancun inviting tourists to come to the resorts. Visiting the resort is very important, so potential members can see all the features, benefits, and amenities that the membership offers for themselves in person. The OPC promoters will also explain the financial component of vacation club membership to prospective members, along with how they can have amazing vacations every time, especially with the flexible points system that the vacation clubs provide. The OPC Promoters will work in various locations throughout Cancun where there are plenty of vacationers, which includes boutiques, restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries. The OPC Promoters can even offer vacationers amazing incentives such as discounts on tickets for tours and the best restaurants, which always seem to get the attention of vacationers.

The Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun provide outstanding customer service along with providing perfect vacations for each of their members. Do you want a job in Cancun? Expat opportunities for those searching for a job in Cancun include an OPC Promoter at the Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun™. To learn more information, >contact us today and you could be well on your way to finding your dream job in Cancun.

— August 14, 2019

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