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Are you searching for expat jobs in Mexico this 2019? Many expats find work in the top resort towns where tourism is king including Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta. Keep reading below to learn what kind of expat jobs in Mexico may be right for you.

Expat Jobs in Mexico: Timeshare Sales

One of the top and most sought after expat jobs in Mexico is in timeshare sales. Sales jobs can require a high level of commitment and motivation, but you have an excellent opportunity to earn top commissions. Also, being fluent in Spanish is usually not required as the majority of timeshare members are typically English speakers from the United States or Canada. Top timeshare sales reps are able to effectively communicate with prospective clients and possess a strong desire to succeed. Are you motivated and like helping others? If so, a job in timeshare sales helping people find their ideal vacation solution could be the right job for you.

Expat Jobs in Mexico: Resort Opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities for foreigners looking for work in Mexico at resorts. Since a large percentage of Mexican resorts receive visitors from the United States, Canada or Europe, an English speaking can find work in a hotel or resort. Successful resorts prioritize English speaking staff members that work hard to accommodate their guests. Do you enjoy being active and meeting new people? If so, an activities or Kid’s Club director at a resort could be a great opportunity for you. Jobs in this area are usually flexible and who wouldn’t want to spend their time working outside near the beach in the warm Mexican sun?

Expat Jobs in Mexico: PR Director

In addition to Activities or Kid’s clubs directors, many resorts prefer to hire a native English speaker to handle Public Relations communications. PR job tasks could be anything from handling guest issues or concerns, coordinating special events, or preparing press releases for news publications. Great writing and speaking skills are key to be successful in a PR job in Mexico.

Expat Jobs in Mexico: Teach English

If you are a patient person and enjoy working with children or adults, teaching English could be a great expat job in Mexico to consider. Jobs are available at schools or many people work independently as a tutor. While the earning potential for teachers in Mexico isn’t the best, it is a rewarding job that comes with great perks like health insurance, paid vacations and summers off so you can enjoy living in paradise even more!

Expat Jobs in Mexico: Entrepreneur Opportunities

Last, but not least, there are great opportunities for expats in Mexico who want to start their own business. Many foreigners have set up shop in Mexico for a fraction of the cost they would have had to pay back in the United States or Canada. Restaurants, bars, and tour companies are some of the types of businesses that successful expats are operating in Mexico. If you want to work for yourself, and have some capital to invest, opening your own business could be right for you.

There are many different options for expat jobs in Mexico. Do you see yourself moving to Mexico to work?

— June 26, 2019

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