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Are you working at or want to start a job in timeshare sales in Mexico? For expats moving to Mexico, timeshare sales is one of the most lucrative jobs in the country. Successful sales reps have high-income potential and a university degree isn’t a requirement in order to be hired. Top sales representatives are highly motivated, have a great personality and are able to quickly create a rapport with strangers. In the past, timeshare sales reps often used aggressive techniques to make a sale, but that is no longer the case. These days, a softer and more subtle approach will yield higher commissions. Read below for our tips to increase timeshare sales in Mexico.

Tip to Increase Timeshare Sales in Mexico: Be a Source of Information

One of the top tips on how to increase timeshare sales in Mexico is to be knowledgeable about your product. When you are able to be a reliable source of information and support, individuals are more likely to consider purchasing a vacation club membership. To make your job even easier, find a job in timeshare sales in Mexico with a reputable provider like The Villa Group. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and 9 incredible resorts in the best destinations in Mexico, a vacation club membership almost sells itself. When you have a quality product, it isn’t necessary to try to manipulate or coerce potential clients. On the contrary, take a more subtle approach and be available to provide all the membership and benefits information they need to know. By working with potential clients in an informative and helpful way, you are more likely to make a sale. Put the decision making power into the client’s hands by sharing important information about how the timeshare membership works. Potential clients are more likely to invest and make a purchase when they feel they have made the decision on their own, without any outside interference. Avoid using high-pressure techniques and focus on being knowledgeable and helpful. When you do, your commissions and timeshare sales in Mexico will definitely reflect the positive changes you have made.

Tip to Increase Timeshare Sales in Mexico: Establish a Personal Connection

Another tip on how to increase timeshares sales in Mexico is to try to connect with others on a personal level. A good way to create a rapport is to ask them questions about their family, what they do for work, or where they live. Find a common bond with potential timeshare members, and they will quickly feel at ease which translates into more sales for you. Also, try to speak to the client’s emotions when discussing the vacation club membership. You can emphasize how it will improve their lives and make quality time with their family a priority. In addition, top timeshare sales reps often try to emulate the way customers speak or act which helps to create a connection. When you feel connected, potential vacation club members tend to purchase a timeshare membership. Make earning your customers trust your number one goal. If a potential client trusts their sales rep, they are more likely to buy a timeshare membership.

Tip to Increase Timeshare Sales in Mexico: Quickly Identify Prospective Clients

Lastly, make sure you are not wasting your valuable time with clients that simply aren’t interested in a vacation club membership. You should try to quickly determine whether a potential client has a legitimate interest in joining or not. Consider their financial situation and future vacation goals, and if it isn’t a good fit, move on to a more probable candidate. Eliminate wasting time on individuals who are unlikely to join a vacation club. That way, you can spend more time focusing on clients that have a greater likelihood of joining, which will ultimately mean you can increase your timeshare sales as well.

The best timeshare sales reps are informative, kind and offer support to potential clients. Try to connect with others on a personal level, and offer timeshare membership benefits information in a clear and concise manner. Last but not least, work with a reputable provider who offers a premiere vacation club membership like The Villa Group, and making a sale will be that much easier.

— September 5, 2019

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