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Are you searching for the best Mexico jobs for expats? Many foreigners have made the move to Mexico in recent years and plan to work full or part-time. Other foreigners have made the move to live out their retirement in a more laid back, relaxed setting than their home country. Many young expats decide to settle in Mexico because they appreciate the slower pace of life, and enjoy all the great outdoor activities you can partake in year round. Do you want to move to Mexico and are looking for a job? If you want to learn about Mexico jobs for expats, keep reading below. We have included top questions and questions about Mexico jobs for expats that will help you decide whether a move to Mexico is the right decision for you.

  1. Can Foreigners Legally Work in Mexico?
  2. Are you wondering if foreigners can legally work in Mexico? Yes, they can as long as they obtain the required work permit. Foreigners need to apply for a work permit that is issued by the Mexican government. Check requirements that need to be met in order to obtain the proper work permit. Foreigners need to be sponsored by a Mexican company, or by a foreign company that operates in Mexico. In addition, Also, if you have special skills you may be eligible for special permits that allow you to work in Mexico. Want to verify the requirements you need to meet? If so, we recommend that you work with an experienced lawyer who can help you obtain the proper work permits for foreigners.

  3. What Are Popular Mexico Jobs for Expats?
  4. There are different types of Mexico jobs for expats, and it really depends on your qualifications and your financial circumstances. Do you hope to work for a big corporation? If so, there are many large multinational corporations with offices and manufacturing facilities in Mexico. If you are able to obtain a job at a large company, they will likely handle all the necessary legal paperwork and even help you move to Mexico. Other expats decide to move to Mexico because they are entrepreneurs and want to open up their own business. The cost to run a small business is much less in Mexico than in the US or Canada which makes it attractive for expats. Another popular Mexico job for expats is teaching English. Teachers that work at a private school will need to have a TEFL certificate or a Bachelor’s Degree. In recent years, English has become an absolute requirement for Mexicans who want a professional career. As a result, the majority of private schools now teach half of their lessons in English. Some expats that move to Mexico decide to become involved in non-profit organizations that help the local community. While non-profit work is usually voluntary and unpaid, expats can stay in Mexico up to six months without needing a work permit.

  5. Do I Have to Live in Mexico?
  6. If the job you have only requires that you work for a few days or works, you will be able to use the business section of the tourist card without having to complete additional paperwork or obtain special permits. However, if you need to live in Mexico for several months or years, you will need to obtain a more permanent living arrangement and apply for the proper work permits. If you are looking for short term accommodation or lodging in Mexico, you will find lots of great rental options, and there is excellent and well priced Mexican real estate for sale as well if you plan to long term.

  7. Do Foreigners Need to Obtain Work Permits?
  8. There are several different types of work permits available for expats who move to Mexico to work. The specific permit depends on how long you want to stay and what kind of work you will be doing. To clarify your specific requirements, we recommend you contact your local Immigration Office to learn the details that apply to your case. Depending on how much time you want to invest in the process, you can go directly to the local Immigration Office or enlist the services of an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer will charge for their services, but they will handle all the paperwork and help guide you through the process.

  9. Is There Good Healthcare in Mexico ?
  10. Today’s healthcare in Mexico is excellent. When compared with healthcare in the United States, many expats in Mexico prefer the healthcare and level of care that they receive in Mexico. Even better, you can obtain great health insurance at a fraction of the cost you would spend living in the States. Regular doctor visits and prescriptions are significantly cheaper than they would be in the US or Canada. When you need a regular check-up even require a serious operation, healthcare in Mexico is excellent and there are lots of well-qualified doctors and surgeons available in nearly every city in Mexico.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Mexico’s jobs for expats. Are you ready to move to Mexico?

— October 4, 2019

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