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Are you dreaming of moving to Mexico, but aren’t ready to retire and still need to earn an income? If so, you may be wondering what are the top jobs for ex-pats in Mexico. Today, more and more ex-pats are leaving their home countries and moving to Mexico to start a new life in paradise. One of the top jobs for ex-pats in Mexico is working in timeshare sales. There is huge earning potential, a fun work environment, and a chance to help people find the vacation home of their dreams.  Are you a positive and outgoing person who is motivated to succeed? If so, you may be the perfect person to work in timeshare sales. Continue to read below to learn about timeshare sales, one of the top jobs for ex-pats in Mexico. 


Top Jobs for Expats in Mexico: Timeshare Sales

For foreigners who want to move to Mexico and work, a top job for ex-pats in Mexico is timeshare sales. In order to do well, a great rep should be able to answer any questions that a potential member has about the vacation club membership. The best sales reps must also always be professional and respectful to portray the company in a positive light.  In addition, vacation club sales reps sometimes need to give the client a tour of the property. That way, it is very important that a good sales rep knows the ins and outs and all the details of the vacation club property and membership in order to effectively share that information with potential members. They need to have extensive knowledge about the resort, the rooms and units, the amenities, all services, and should also be abreast of any promotions that the resort is currently offering that may interest the potential member. 


Positive, Outgoing and Motivated

Individuals who are searching for jobs for ex-pats in Mexico should have a certain skill set in order to be successful in the sales industry. The vacation club industry is very competitive. If you live in a resort town, there will be lots of other resorts also selling vacation club memberships. In order to stand out, you really need to be focused and motivated on your goals. Personality-wise, the best sales reps are positive, outgoing, and able to easily connect with new people.  Do you enjoy helping others and strive for financial freedom at the same time? Timeshare sales representatives that are successful are dedicated to helping grow their business by using effective sales techniques. In order to successfully get new vacation club members to join, the best sales reps are energetic and have excellent communication skills. It is also important to have a thorough understanding of the vacation club product you are selling. Confidence in your product is a key element to becoming a successful vacation club sales rep. You must also be able to explain the timeshare purchase process effectively. Sales Rep is a great job for ex-pats in Mexico who are good at helping navigate any questions or concerns that potential clients have.


1st Step to Membership: Timeshare Sales Presentations 

The first step in getting a new vacation club member to join is to get them to attend a timeshare sales presentation. The timeshare sales presentation allows potential vacation club members to learn all the details about the vacation club membership. It is important that sales reps always provide accurate information about membership and clearly communicate with potential members.  The timeshare presentation will give the sales rep an opportunity to connect with the potential member, and to establish trust and develop a genuine relationship. The timeshare sales rep will explain all the features, perks, and advantages of becoming a vacation club member. Last, but not least, the main goal of a timeshare presentation is to make a sale and get a new membership contract signed. It is important to review all legal documents to ensure they are signed and completed correctly. Does this sound like the type of jobs for ex-pats in Mexico you are looking for


The best reps have a great attitude and a genuine interest in helping others. It is also important to follow up with potential clients after a sales presentation to see if you can close the deal. When you do this, you are portraying yourself and the timeshare provider in a positive light. Who knows, you may even earn a sale due to a referral down the road as well. Would you like to enjoy a dream career as a timeshare sales representative in Mexico? There are plenty of timeshare jobs for ex-pats in Mexico available. For More information click here!.

— December 10, 2019

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