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While it is hard to keep your cool during any interview due to nerves and anxiety, it is even harder if you live in a warm climate where the temperatures will keep you sweating even before you start. Continue reading below for tips on how to ace your an interview when you live in a warm climate.

Stay Cool Before Interview

Regardless of the type of job you are applying, there are some rules to follow if you have to interview in a warm climate. To begin with, make sure you always allow for plenty of time to arrive on time. If you are able to drive, this is a great first step so you can sit in the air conditioning and keep cool beforehand. If you have a jacket, make sure to hang it up and put it on only once you are ready to walk into the interview location. If you have to take public transportation, try to take a cab or Uber so you can stay cool in the air conditioning en route to your destination. Whether you take public transportation, walk or drive, always leave with plenty of time to spare so you won’t have to rush and work up a sweat which could ruin your first impression.

Focus and Preparation

One benefit of planning ahead for your transportation, is that you will have more time to compose yourself and center your thoughts. Take a moment to think through your answers to common interview questions you will likely be asked, and focus on relaxing and calming your nerves. If you have any notes to review, take the time now to look through them one last time before you head into your interview. Another key tip to interviewing in hot weather is to make sure to bring a water bottle with you, and head to the bathroom to freshen up before you check in for your interview.

Interview Attire

Even in warm climates, you still have to present your best image at an interview so take care when selecting your interview outfit. In warm weather, you can still make a great first impression if you choose fabrics that are lightweight and natural so that you can keep your cool. For women, you can try a modest dress, lightweight slacks or skirt and a nice blouse in breathable fabrics. The key is to focus on conservative styles and make sure blouses are not too revealing. It is also a good idea to go extra light on makeup in warm climates as you don’t want your face coming off onto your clothes mid-interview! Men can choose khakis or slacks and a cotton undershirt and business-minded button-down shirt. Don’t forget to only select fresh and cool fabrics that won’t feel too constricting or heavy as temperatures rise.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring a briefcase or folder with copies of your current resume and a notepad and pen to take notes. It’s also a good idea to carry along breath mints so you can present yourself in the best manner possible. Regardless of the weather, take the time to pay careful attention to all the details of your interview outfit and the planning of your transportation so you have plenty of time to collect yourself before your interview. This is an opportunity to make a great first impression, and you don’t want to come up short.

— September 20, 2018

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