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Anytime that you are preparing yourself for a job interview, usually we all think about and focus on the questions we think that will be asked. We then also consider and come up with answers that will help us get the job. However, have you ever thought about what you shouldn’t say during a job interview? Talking about an unsavory topic at your job interview could possibly leave a bad impression with the employer. There are topics that could wreck your interview. Continue to read below to find out about the topics that could wreck your interview, so you can avoid them.

No Negative Talk

Every employer wants to hire an employee that has an upbeat outlook and can bring positivity to their working environment. You should avoid any negative talk and any complaining when you are being interviewed. If you talk negative, then the employer probably won’t want to have you working for them. Also, you should not complain about any of your past employers. In general, you should refrain from all negativity talk. If you present a positive outlook about yourself, then you will have a better chance of getting the job. It doesn’t matter what problems you are dealing with in your personal life or with the job that you have currently, you should just try to stay positive and upbeat. The last thing you want the potential employer to see is that you are a complainer and negative.

Avoid Talking About Other Companies and People

You should also avoid talking about other companies and people. This would include people that you worked with previously, and people that you would be working with at the new job. If you gossip about people and companies, it makes you look petty and you could come across as a traitor, too. All employers want their employees to lift up each other and gossiping is very immature. You should not talk about other companies and competitors at your job interview. If you do, the job interviewer will instantly wonder if you will be a loyal employee that can be trusted.

Never Discuss Politics, Religion, and Your Bad Habits

This may seem like common sense to you, but there are people that don’t realize that you should never discuss politics, religion, and any of your bad habits at a job interview. These are all subjects that are very touchy and could lead to conflict. During your interview, you should refrain from talking about these subjects. You don’t want to offend someone that doesn’t have the same views that you have. You should also refrain from talking about any addictive habits or bad behavior choices that you have at your job interview. If you like to drink and party and you think the job interviewer does too, you should still not talk about that. Drinking and smoking are habits that shouldn’t be talked about at work. You should try to focus on all your healthy habits if you would like to share them with the interviewer such as traveling or reading.

In conclusion, you always want the job interviewer to have a positive outlook on you. You want to come across as a responsible person and trustworthy employee. You should avoid any negativity, gossiping, or talking about religion, politics, or any bad habits that you have. You can refer back to the topics that could wreck your interview when you are preparing for a job interview. You could land your dream jobs by following these tips!

— December 18, 2018

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