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Are you in the process of moving to Mexico and interested in getting a timeshare sales position? One of the top booming industries in Mexico is the timeshare industry, and the commissions are great making it a fantastic job opportunity. Are you interested in learning more about a timeshare sales position? If you are, then continue to read below for more information.

Charismatic Charm and a Shining Personality

To become a successful timeshare salesperson, you should possess excellent communication skills so you can sell the product. You should be very ambitious and have the ability to connect with people positively. A successful timeshare salesperson should also have charismatic charm and a shining personality where your people skills are excellent which will result in more commissions and a greater income.

Off Property Contact (OPC) Timeshare Sales

There are many different positions within the timeshare sales industry. One of the positions is the Off Property Contact or OPC. The OPC timeshare salesperson position will work at different locations, not on the timeshare resort grounds such as at the airport, popular tourist spots, and popular shopping centers. If you want to be an OPC associate, you have to have a lot of energy and the ability to get people’s attention quickly so you can sell them a timeshare.

On Site Timeshare Sales

There are other timeshare sales positions available where you will be working on site at the resort. Many of the timeshare resorts are also hotels, which is great as these guests are already staying at the property and could potentially be interested timeshare buyers. If you are trying to get people to attend a timeshare presentation and tour the resort property, you may have to offer the people an incentive. The incentive will entice people to attend the timeshare presentation. The incentives may include restaurant and tour discounts, which are always attractive to people on vacation. You may even be able to earn commissions with an on-site timeshare sales position if you are able to get people to attend the timeshare presentation, regardless of whether or not the people purchase the timeshare.


Closers are another timeshare sales position. When people have attended the timeshare presentation, and also taken a tour of the resort property, then they will be introduced to the timeshare closer. The timeshare closer will use all of their sales expertise to convince the people to purchase a timeshare membership. One of the best benefits of being a closer is, you don’t have to search for buyers as they are brought directly to you. Within the timeshare sales industry, the timeshare closers have a difficult position, but the commissions for closers are very high if you are able to make a sale and sell a timeshare membership successfully.

There are many different timeshare sales jobs available. The timeshare sales jobs have a flexible schedule and the ability to earn a lot of money.

Which one of the timeshare sales jobs looks interesting to you? Are you ready for a new career in the timeshare industry?

— September 12, 2018

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