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If you have decided on a long term stay in Mexico, you will have to find a job to sustain yourself. Working in Puerto Vallarta can be a wonderful experience and here are some useful things for you to remember.

Tips for Working in Puerto Vallarta

Work Permits or Working in Puerto Vallarta

If you are a highly skilled worker or into some specialized jobs, getting a work permit in Mexico will not be that hard for you. People who have high levels of English proficiency, with connections to real estate, sales and marketing jobs are frequently granted work permits without hassles. This permit is called Temporary Residency or formerly known before as FM3. Your employer company must provide all the paper works needed as they will stand as your sponsor in having a work permit.

What are the Best Paying Jobs in Puerto Vallarta?

Having your own business is often the most lucrative option in the long run but it takes time. If you are looking for a job that is guaranteed of a high pay, those that work in the sales industry such as real estate and timeshare promotions get the lion’s share.

Stay Cool

Having the right attitude is the key to having it all done. It is understandably frustrating most of the times to get everything perfectly done. The tons of paperworks and requirements needed will get the best of you, but you should keep your cool. You can get your work permit or business permit sooner than expected and you will be surprised by it.

Is Speaking Spanish Important?

Certainly it is a bonus but not a necessity in Puerto Vallarta. Learning the local language will take you far in getting a job. You can have the best jobs around and your stay brings you more fun if you know how to speak Spanish. However, if you are applying for a position where your English language will be used, knowing Spanish is not that essential. It is just advantageous on your part considering that living and working in Puerto Vallarta becomes more costly if you can’t speak Spanish.

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The Cost of Living

The cost of living depends on the lifestyle you have. To give you a close estimate in figures, you will probably spend around $1,500- $,2000 USD per month. The cost for rent plays around between $600- $1000 monthly. Living in a more upscale accommodation like in high end mansions will surely command a higher price.

Do you need a car?

You can purchase a car in Mexico, and, depending on the legality of your stay or your immigration status you might even be able to import your own car. Using public transport like buses and taxis can save you a lot compared to what you can spend when having a car. Besides, everything you need are just nearby. Stores, shops, eateries abound and purchasing a car is not economical for someone who is just starting a life in Puerto Vallarta.

Health Insurance

When you begin working in Mexico, some companies will cover you with basic health insurance or private health cover is affordable. Living and working in Puerto Vallarta as a retiree or a foreign resident also grants you the privilege of buying a government health insurance known as IMSS (social security).

— August 12, 2015

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