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Job hunting can feel like a career in and of itself; there are so many skills and talents required just to ace your interview, or create the perfect resume. These days there has been a massive shift towards application forms rather than the collection of resumes, but it is nonetheless important to keep your resume up to date as there are many benefits of doing just that.

Not only is it a great way to recognise your own talents, skills, and flaws, but it’s an important benchmark for progress. By updating and revamping your resume at least once every other year you can keep track of how your skills are evolving, make sure your references are up to date with correct contact information, and judge whether or not it’s time to ask for that raise or promotion! Many people think that if they are honest and positive about what they can do that they’ll be seen as arrogant, but the truth is that employers want confident employees!

Honesty is the Best policy in a resume

You should always be honest in your resume, too, because it’s very likely that in the end you’ll be caught out! It might seem like a little bit of fabrication is harmless now and then, but you don’t want to have a mini-stroke when you find yourself under pressure to display skills or talents that you don’t actually have. Employers and interviewers will appreciate your honesty and courage if you admit that you would need to learn some new skills in order to fulfil the role entirely. If you find yourself in that position then be sure to emphasise how you are willing to learn, and ready to help with the process!

One of the main benefits of having a resume ready is that it gives a good impression. It is true that many employers these days won’t read it thoroughly, or even request it at all, but if you’re asked to produce one and you don’t have it your chances will suffer. Being able to produce a resume on request will show your interviewer that you are organized, professional, and that you take the company and process seriously. The last thing you want to seem is lazy or shambolic.

What’s more going over your resume the night before a big interview will help you prepare, and after all preparation is the mother of success! Nothing gets rid of jitters like knowing that you’re ready to answer any questions thrown at you, and if you happen to see holes in your experience or knowledge then you have time to come up with strategies to overcome these!

Remember employers and interviewers don’t expect you to be perfect, they just expect you to be the very best that you can be. If you can convince them that you’ve done everything in your power to make yourself suitable for the role then that will go a long way to convincing them that you’re perfect for the job in question.

— August 3, 2015

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