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A great timeshare salesperson is someone who focuses on methods that promote personal growth and success. Are you still using aggressive techniques as a timeshare sales rep and find you aren’t having the success you had hoped for? Have you noticed that these approaches do not seem to result in great commissions? The following practical tips can help you increase sales potential by becoming the best timeshare salesperson you can be.

Empower people with your softer approach

Manipulating and coercing potential clients into buying something which they do not truly want is not an effective approach anymore. If you want to get ahead of the game, you might want to try taking a softer, more subtle approach when selling timeshares. Dealing with clients in an informative and helpful way will eventually result in attracting clients who are more willing to join in. When you give people the information they need about the timeshare and the property details, you are empowering them. When they can make a decision for themselves, they are more likely to invest in a timeshare. It is to your best advantage to avoid using high-pressure techniques. Mold yourself into a more helpful and knowledgeable timeshare sales rep, in contrast to a pushy one who would not get good results.

Enable people to trust you more by connecting with them

Another great way to increase your sales potential in timeshare sales is by finding a common bond with your potential customers. Involve client’s emotions into the sale by the way you speak and act. Try to imitate the way your customers speak, or how they use certain words. When they realize that you have a common ground, they will likely open up more and may be more likely to purchase a timeshare. They will also feel they are on common ground when you try mimicking their body language. Remember that earning your customer’s trust is your goal. People will then trust you more and believe you can make them happy with the timeshare product you are offering them. You are more likely to a make a timeshare sale if you help them believe that they will find happiness through what you are selling them.

Gain some perspective

Streamlining your approach when it comes to focusing on potential clients is another great tip to get ahead in timeshare sales. It is important to put yourself in the shoes of the customers and try to see things from their perspective. By doing this, you can quickly assess whether your customer is genuinely interested in the timeshare investment, and to determine if they have the financial capability to make a timeshare purchase. By focusing on your potential clients, you will appear more gentle and empathetic, attracting more sales possibilities around the corner.

Remember that kindness and the art of human connection are important tools for your success as a timeshare sales rep. Your friendly word and your smile can make or break a deal. Try these techniques and become the best timeshare salesperson you can be!

— July 2, 2018

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