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Do you want to have your best interview ever? Are you wanting to land your dream job? You can have your best interview ever by using the tips that we have provided below. It doesn’t matter what type of job interview that you may be scheduled for as the tips below will show you how you can have your best interview ever.

Practice and Prepare

One of the most important interview tips is practice. You will want to practice your answers to common questions that are asked at most job interviews. As you are practicing the answers you will also want to think of different examples that you can add to the questions on how you succeeded with a past employer. You should research the company before your interview so you will have general knowledge about the company. If you were given the interviewer’s name ahead of time, you should also research that person’s role at the company so you will know more about them and connect more with them. Any resume or paperwork that you want to give the interviewer should be copied beforehand. When you practice and prepare yourself, you will reduce the nervousness and stress from your interview and the interview will go great.

Arrive on Time

Everyone should know that they should arrive on time for a job interview. To be honest, you should probably arrive at the job interview around five or more minutes early. When you arrive early it makes you look like you are responsible and shows you are very interested in the job position. You never want to arrive at a job interview late. If you arrive late to a job interview you are showing the potential employer that you are not organized and this may cause you to not get the job. Before you leave for the interview, you will want to make sure you know the correct location for the interview and you should leave early because you may run into a lot of traffic or have parking issues. When you arrive at the job interview early, you will have time to freshen up in the restroom and prepare yourself for the interview.

Remain Calm and Stay Confident

When the interviewer greets you make sure you have a firm handshake and always look the interviewer in the eyes. This shows that you are confident and ready for the interview. You should try to remain calm and confident throughout the interview, but it is actually normal to feel a bit anxious and nervous. Let the interviewer know that you are the best person for the position. Always stay focused and speak clearly and slowly. When the interviewer is asking you questions you will want to listen, then succinctly answer with confidence.

Send Out a Thank You Note

One way you can set yourself apart from the other job applicants is by sending a thank you note after your interview. You can send the thank you note in an email as in today’s world writing a handwritten or mailed letter is not something you need to do anymore. When you send the thank you note, don’t forget to thank the interviewer for the time that they spent with you and remind them to know about your skills that make you perfect for the job. If you have forgotten to tell the interview something during your interview, you can add it to the note as well.

There isn’t anyone that loves going to a job interview, but this is the process when you want to get a dream job. You can have the best interview ever if you follow these simple tips above. Always arrive early, stay confident, be prepared, don’t arrive late, and make sure you send a thank you note so you will be awarded the job. Good luck!

— July 18, 2018

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