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Have you heard the term OPC jobs and were curious what it meant? OPC stands for Off Property Consultant and generally relates to individuals promoting timeshare and vacation ownership investment opportunities at various locations. Inside of working inside a specific resort or timeshare property, OPC salespersons work out and around town on the beach or at other high traffic tourist locations. Read below to learn more to see if an OPC job is for you.

Timeshare OPC Jobs

To explain a little more about timeshares, they are a vacation ownership investment where 52 buyers all share a common interest in a property. Depending on the specific rules and regulations for each property, in general each owner gets access to the unit for one week each share, and all owners equally divide the costs to maintain and upkeep the property by contributing with regular maintenance fees. The benefit of a timeshare is that it provides an opportunity for individuals and families to plan for future vacations at a guaranteed destination, without having to spend a lot money. Depending on which particular resort you select, there is generally a timeshare available for every budget. The minimum required annual family income for most timeshares starts at around $75,000 per year. Also, if a timeshare is part of a larger group of resorts and properties, you often can use your allocated week at various properties instead of having to only vacation at one property.

Timeshare OPC Salespersons

In addition to timeshare sales reps that work on site at the resorts, OPC salespeople work off site and there are not a whole lot of job requirements to qualify for this position. There is no need to waste time and money on obtaining a higher level or education as no university degree or experience is required. The number one most important skill is simply being good with people, and the ability to quickly engage with strangers (potential buyers!) and get people to talk to you. Do you enjoy talking to others and finding a connection with someone? Are you energetic and outgoing and like making new friends? If so, you may excel at OPC. The best part about OPC jobs is that your main goal is to get qualified tourists to sign up to attend the timeshare presentation at the resort you work for. If you are able to do this, you earn a commission regardless of whether or not the potential owner ends up purchasing a timeshare or not. Sounds much better than sitting behind a desk job from 9 to 5!

Keys to Success

The key to being successful at an OPC job is your ability to speak to people, and quickly develop a positive rapport. Are you charismatic and motivated to earn money? Are you not shy and able to spark a conversation with a stranger with ease? If so, definitely consider a OPC job where you can make a successful living while also enjoying your days meeting new people and living life to the fullest. It could be the key to your financial future!

— July 25, 2018

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