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Big interview around the corner and your nerves are getting to you? No need to fret! Most interviews use the same questions to evaluate a potential employee’s qualifications. Read below to learn some key interview questions and suggested answers to make your interview go more smoothly.

Tell me about your background

Start with a brief background of your education and your current job. Also, reference where you have worked in the past and especially focus on any jobs that may be similar to the role you are interviewing for. Make sure to mention any education or volunteer experience that is relevant to the job you want. Try to wrap up your answer by stating a goal for the future. This show you have drive and ambition and a bonus is if you can link your goal to align with the company or role you are interviewing for.

Have you had a difficult work situation that you overcame?

Interviewers are trying to get a better understanding of how you would deal with a difficult situation at work. Some people fare well in high-stress situations, and others crack under pressure. To portray yourself in the most favorable light, try to pick an example of an obstacle that you handled well. Share specific examples to make the interviewer understand better your capabilities to prevail in unfavorable conditions. Also, avoid negatively speaking about others when telling your stories which could make you seem gossipy and cast a negative shadow on your first impression.

Give me a reason we should we hire you?

This is definitely not the time to be modest. When answering this question, you should extensively list your best skills and qualities and also make sure to correlate them to the job qualifications you are interviewing for. Focus on speaking clearly and being confident. Avoid overtalking or coming across as conceited, but do ensure the interviewer sees you as a valuable asset for the company.

What motivates you to want to work here?

The best way to answer this question is to do some research ahead of time on the company and even the interviewer themselves. Thoroughly research the company’s history, mission statement, and products or services. When you show the interviewer that you have done your research, it makes you appear ambitious, driven and professional. Definitely list specific ways that you are the perfect person for the position, and it’s a good time to also praise anything about the company that appeals to you as well.

Tell me your greatest strength / greatest weakness?

One of the most common interview questions, make sure your answer reflects which strengths and skills make you a perfect fit for the job. Use concrete, detailed examples from past jobs that have proven you are the best candidate for the position. When sharing a weakness, try to find something that you can twist to turn into a strength. If you have a story of how you have improved or overcome a weakness, the employer will be sure to notice your motivation and drive to succeed.

These key common interview questions and answers will prepare you so you can ace your next interview. Also, it’s a great idea to always send a “Thank You” email after your interview thanking the interviewer for their time, and reiterate your interest in your dream job. Happy job hunting!

— August 13, 2018

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