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How about experiencing fun and adventure in a warm and vibrant culture during your gap year as you save for college? Look no further than Mexico where you can spend your time working in the timeshare industry and grab the chance of saving a lot of money for college.

Save for College in Mexico

We are offering jobs in various tourist destinations like Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. You can surely find the right place to work and save for college to suit your personality and lifestyle. Much better than just visiting on vacation; when you live and work in Mexico, you’ll get the chance to get to know the country while enjoying a vacation lifestyle as well as saving money for college.

Earn and Save for College while having fun

Living in Mexico will give you better chances of saving a large portion of the money you will be making during your gap year. Life in Mexico is very affordable, which means you can live well even with less money compared to what you might spend in your home country. Instead of spending money, you’ll save a lot. You’ll have extra cash to spend for tuition, books and supplies, rent and furnishings.

Do You Need to Speak a Foreign Language?

For these job vacancies in Mexico, you will need to be fluent in English to cater to the thousands of clients that we deal with. You don’t have to spend extra effort, time, and money to take language classes or online courses to speak Spanish. Although, if you do speak some Spanish, that is a major advantage and a bonus for your personal enjoyment in Mexico. The majority of people in the major tourist destinations speak English, so interaction will be easy.

Save for College in Mexico as you Vacation

The timeshare resorts in Mexico are located in incredible destinations. This is one of the major perks when you spend your gap year in Mexico while working in the timeshare industry. You will be living in a sunny place boasting panoramic scenery and plenty of activities for your free time. You will spend your workday in a breathtaking resort where other people spend many dollars just to be there. During your off-work hours, you can explore the beaches and do water sports like paddle boarding, surfing, and many others. Get to know the region more with these and other meaningful activities.

Why not spend your gap year in Mexico and save money for college? Become part of our team!

— June 9, 2017

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