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There are many different types of jobs in Mexico perfect for you if you are considering crossing the border to Mexico to create a new lifestyle and find a great job. You can find jobs in Mexico that are fulfilling, giving you enough money to cover more than just your margaritas, activities, and your rent. Read below if you would like to find out more about the jobs in Mexico perfect for you.

Best Jobs in Mexico Perfect for You

No matter what you think or have heard, expats can find legal work in Mexico. One of the main things that you should always remember is to never take a job opportunity from another Mexican. You will have no problem getting legal permission to work and live in Mexico if you get a job that requires English speaking skills. If you decide that you want to work for a different type of Mexican employer, then that employer will have to inform you of the steps that you will need to take to legally work in Mexico. When opening your own business or doing any freelance work in Mexico, it is recommended to consult with a lawyer or accountant, because the tax system is much different in Mexico than it is in other countries.

Working in Timeshare Jobs in Mexico

The timeshare industry is a popular job choice for many foreigners, and you will see why very quickly. The money comes in fast if you are good with sales. Though this is a stressful environment, the hours are short and convenient. Expats can make a good living even compared to their earnings back in their home country. Speaking English is required when you work in the timeshare industry, which is why they are great jobs in Mexico for expats.

Real Estate Sales

In paradise, many, many people dream of being successful in real estate sales. There are fewer regulations within real estate licensing and many expats are working at real estate offices locally. Sales may come in slowly, so you must be a patient person, but the Puerto Vallarta real estate market is booming, providing some great jobs in Mexico for expats.

Teaching at Schools

Some of the schools in Mexico will hire you if you have an appropriate degree for the subject you will be teaching. You don’t necessarily have to have a teaching certificate to teach at the schools in Mexico. Teaching English is a good job choice for expats thinking about moving to Mexico, although the pay is low.

Expats Businesses

Many expats that relocate to find jobs in Mexico actually have a plan to start their own business. It could be providing a service, restaurant, or a boutique or shop. You will be able to hire employees as the wages are lower too.

Doing Charity Work

Maybe you don’t need to find paying jobs in Mexico, but you are interesting in helping others, then you can do charity work in Mexico that is very rewarding. There are a variety of charities that is always needing help such as Corazon de Nina, SPCA Puerto Vallarta, Canica Cancer Association, Pasitos de Luz, and Maximo Cornejo Orphanage.

Getting a job may be a challenge at first when you move to Mexico, but work hard, be persistent, and trust your instincts and you will find jobs in Mexico perfect for you.

— June 13, 2017

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