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Job seekers, are you looking to get your first job after college, after a break getting back into the workforce, or you are wanting to change careers? You may be thinking about how can you stand out from the other job seekers that may have more experience than you do? This is a predicament that you are not alone in. The fact is, this is a common issue that many other people are dealing with too, but don’t get discouraged, because there is hope. With the following tips, you are sure to stand out in your professional career.

Tips to make you stand out as a job candidate as well as for promotion within your current job:

Be Clear about the Job Description

It is always important to pay attention to the job description when you are applying for a job. You should always revise your resume and cover letter so that it matches the job you are applying for. When you are at the job interview, you should make sure the questions and answers go along with the job description as this is crucial. Be sure to find ways to tailor all of your experiences towards the job you are applying for. With a little imagination you will find you have many transferable skills.

Listening skills

You should always put your pride and ego aside and show your ability to listen to your superiors and your coworkers. If they criticize you, then admit you were wrong and turn that situation around. Try to find a solution to turn things around, so you stand out and your superiors will see that you are valuable to the workforce.

An Entrepreneurial Attitude

There are several ways that you can show an entrepreneurial attitude in your job. You can always go out of your way to make sure the client and customer is pleased, always improving the process of your performance, and always looking for a way to solve issues that come to you.

Allow your personality to shine

Refrain from giving the same boring answers or wearing the same clothing that is typical to at the job interview. Instead, you should take this chance to show that you are unique. Prepare a story that you can tell that will show your passions along with demonstrating your skills and why you are just not the same, typical and average job applicant.

Infectious Enthusiasm

Always be enthusiastic about your work as it will become infectious. Don’t get run down with any politics in the office or associate yourself with coworkers who are difficult. You should make it very clear to your superiors that you only care about the company and your work and all the projects that you are working on and the clients that you are in contact with is the only things that matter.

Stay Motivated and Persevere

You should always put in the time, effort, and dedication every day. You should stay motivated and preserve when times are tougher and doing this will only make you shine and get to the top.

Always use these characteristics personally when you are searching for any job. When you go on job interviews and if you get the job, then stand out and set yourself apart. Job seekers, what makes you stand out? Being yourself, motivated, and always listening will make you stand out.

— May 25, 2017

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