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Do you have a dream of moving away to a sunny, warm place by the sea? Then it’s very possible that you’ve considered moving to somewhere on Mexico’s coastlines. It’s a dream shared by many, and yet it’s one that is so rarely followed. Leaving the rat race is just a pipe dream for many people and the thought of a move to Mexico is left to daydreaming. However, for those of you who are seriously considering a move to Mexico, we’ve written this article in order to show you that it can be so much more if you only have the right attitude and employ some measure of planning.

Some things to consider about a move to Mexico


Mexico in the long run will be much cheaper but having some savings before you move is absolutely key! Mexico is not an expensive place to live, but nonetheless (as is the case when you move anywhere far away) it is important that you have enough savings to tide you over for a few months while you settle in and find work. You could check-out ex-pat forums to see what would be an appropriate sum to aim for.


Many people in Mexico’s top tourist spots like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Cancun speak English, especially in the tourist areas, and so it is not necessary to be fluent in Spanish before you move. Nonetheless, it can help you to really integrate into your community if you know even a little Spanish before you arrive. Taking classes when you settle in can help you to make friends, too! You move to Mexico will be much easier if you learn a little Spanish.


It always helps to keep an open mind when making a move to Mexico, especially if you are moving to a culture different than your own. Those who settle-in and find happiness most easily and quickly are those who do not waste time comparing everything to the way it was back home, and who embrace the unique magic of Mexico wholeheartedly. If you come in with strong expectations that things will be familiar to you in many or most ways you might have a shock!

Give yourself time when you move to Mexico

This is related to the last point, but it stands on its own as well. Even the most open-minded person will need some time to ease into life in a completely new place. It can be very stressful at first, but paradise can be found if you just give yourself time and appreciate the little things.

— October 12, 2016

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