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There are hundreds of reasons to choose Puerto Vallarta (PV) as a place to live: great weather, world class cuisine, breath-taking landscapes and stunning beaches can all be found in this tourist town. With all this in mind it is easy to see why this once sleepy town is now bustling with life. The tourists and expats looking for a new way of life that come here are drawn in not only by the aforementioned pros, but by the ever-present promise of something exciting and new just around the corner.

Nighttime entertainment in PV

This once quaint seaside town has become a buzzing party centre which caters to an array of interests. Night tours, salsa dancing, great food, and deep bass; all this and more is on offer when you’re in this 24 hour PV playground. So get ready to sleep all day and party all night at a selection of great clubs and pubs. Here’s the rundown of the main contenders for your attention for your new life in PV.

The Malecon

The Malecon is the undisputed centre of life in PV; day or night this mile-long boardwalk will take visitors from one end of Old Town to the other. If you want a relaxing night or a cultured stroll out of the midday sunshine. You can explore the winding streets and see all that the street vendors have to offer while stopping at the cafes and ice-cream parlours on the way. This is the best place to be if you are a people watcher.

By night, however, PV’s Malecon becomes a different place. High octane and party centric, this is where all the best clubs and pubs are! Just wander the promenade, listen to the bouncing beats and pick your favourite. You could end up chugging Mezcal at Bar Morelos, boogying with the salsa dancers at La Bodeguita, or indulge in spring break at Senor Frogs. The best thing about the Malecon, day or night, is definitely the fact that all of this is within walking distance. You need never see the inside of a cab all vacation!

Alternatives for PV nighttime entertainment

If you don’t want to spend all your time on the Malecon there are alternatives for PV nighttime entertainment. Though the PV boardwalk bars are the most popular they are now being challenged by other hotspots further into the city. These nightclubs are more popular with the younger generations, but the high tech sound equipment and more reasonably priced drinks are worth the taxi ride. Strana and La Santa are very popular due to the incredible ambience and non-stop parties. El Solar, on the other hand, is a small beach bar where you can kick back and relax all day right through to 3am.

Something bit different in PV

If you want to put a twist on your nights out you should definitely consider some of the less obvious activities on offer in Puerto Vallarta. The Teatro Vallarta and Act II Entertainment/STAGES Theatre offer great alternative nights out for the culture vultures among you. And nothing, nothing, puts a twist on your party like starting it with a night tour. The Rhythms of the Night and Marigalante Pirate Ship tours are particularly choice.

This is a town that never, ever sleeps and as such the options are entirely endless!

— October 19, 2016

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