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Unless you’re applying for a promotion in your job, looking for a new job is not the most agreeable and satisfying experience you’ll ever have. Your confidence can be knocked if you become unemployed, and will leave you to question what it is you really want, or need, from your job. Below is some helpful advice for those job seekers who are trying to find their dream job or just looking for a job better than the one you have, or haven’t got, right now.

The very best advice for job seekers:

  1. Know your strengths
  2. One of the most important things any job seeker can do is to make sure they understand themselves and what their strengths are. Make sure you know what makes you qualified to do the job in question, know what you like doing and what you are good at. As the job you eventually obtain will take up most of your time, make sure it is agreeable, or at least tolerable. If you work with your natural aptitudes and not against them this will ensure you are more noticeable in busy interviews.

  3. Keep your sights on the prize
  4. Some of the best advice for job seekers is related to aiming high. When looking for a job in Mexico, don’t take the easy way out and aim for a lower quality job which you know you are adequately, or over qualified for, but make sure you try for the for the higher positions as well. You may not be successful in getting the job, but the knowledge you gain can pay dividends in the future. It allows you to identify any areas of improvements you need, and the interview experience will help you get your dream job when it comes along. Maybe you have not got the job, but there may be other positions available within the same company that you could be considered for. The first step to your dream job is getting your foot on the ladder to success.

  5. Keep your mind open
  6. Make sure you consider any job opportunity carefully before disregarding it. The job in question may not be the ideal job for you but it could be a step in the right direction to your dream job. This might seem like a contradiction to the previous piece of advice for job seekers but it is not about lowering your standards, but thinking more strategically. .Employers will not come knocking on your door to offer you a job, you have to go out there and get it. As mentioned before, “aim high” and apply for any jobs that may even be out of your comfort zone. Once in the interview environment, you will be able to put yourself forward, parade your skills and maybe get another position that hasn’t been advertised yet.

  7. Keep knocking on doors
  8. The final and possibly the most significant piece of advice for job seekers is to keep in touch with the employers you have made contact with. Make sure you make people aware that you are actively looking for work opportunities. Social media sites like LinkedIn are very good and can help you to make links with businesses and companies. Promote yourself everywhere, send your C.V’s to all and sundry and maybe some good will come from it, you never know your luck.

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— October 25, 2016

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