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Would you like to know how to be the top salesperson in your department? Look over the best sales advice for sales success below. Pay close attention to number 3 as it may really catch you off guard and surprise you.

  1. Use the Right Finesse
  2. If you use the right finesse, then you can have your clients actually selling your product to themselves for you. Ask the right questions to your clients, add facts about what you are selling, then before you know it your customers will have convinced themselves that they can’t live without the product that you are selling.

  3. Copy Your Client
  4. Everyone has their own lingo and way of describing things. You may say something is “dazzling”, but your customer may use another word. They may use the word “wonderful”, “fantastic”, or “superb”, so your job is to figure out your client’s lingo, then use the same lingo for what you are selling. This is a copycat approach. Add body language and movements, so your client’s feel a closeness and familiarity with you.

  5. Get Clients to Say “No!”
  6. Yes, you should first try to get your client’s to say no at first. It is always a common technique that you should get your client’s to say yes at first, but if you are skilled, then you should get them to say no first. Why? It’s easy. If your client says yes over and over again, then it becomes insignificant, but when they say no at first, then later when they feel inclined to say yes, it is like a light switch going on. Top real estate agents use this same approach as they will show their clients a property that is unappealing, then show them a much more appealing property. The client is then more inclined to says yes because of the difference between what no feels like and what yes feels like.

  7. Start Each Day as a New Day
  8. Every day that you wake up is a day that you can have great sales, so when you wake up tell yourself that you are going to be successful. Don’t think about yesterday being a bad sales day, but focus on this new day being a fresh day that you will make sales.

  9. Get Emotional!
  10. Add emotions to make a sale fast with your clients. You can give your clients the facts about the product, but when you add emotions and have a personal effect the client will think they are buying a product that will make them happy. Have your client imagine using the product, then how it would feel to own the product.

  11. Eliminate the Clients that are “So-So”
  12. When you are in sales you know it is a numbers game, which means you have to figure out fast if the client is a dud or a potential buyer. Eighty percent of commission will come from twenty percent of the clients, so if you think your client is a dud, then move on, and only focus on the client that will likely bring you a commission and you can roll out the red carpet for this client.

— September 27, 2016

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