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Living in Puerto Vallarta is fantastic for so many reasons; this buzzing tourist town is situated between Jalisco and Nayarit, and at the very heart of Banderas Bay. Not only is the coastline here absolutely stunning, but the surrounding landscape is gorgeous and the city itself is modern, inviting and famed for its hospitality. In fact, Puerto Vallarta was named the friendliest city of 2003 by Condé Nast Magazine!

Puerto Vallarta Life at the Beach

This beach destination has won many an accolade such as the USNews.com Best Mexican Vacation Destination of 2010 and the AARP’s Best Retirement Location (Globally) in the same year. As a place to live and work, however, it is also top notch and tends to appeal to the young and ambitious for a few reasons!

Puerto Vallarta’s Thriving Economy

First and foremost is the fact that it has a thriving economy! The service and tourist industries are key in Puerto Vallarta, but unlike in some places there is no real “off-season” slump. The award winning resorts, hotels and beach rentals of Puerto Vallarta are busy all year long which means that any jobs in these sectors are secure, available and consistently profitable! So our advice to any entrepreneurs would be that Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to start up your boutique, club, restaurant or café!

Life on Banderas Bay

As well as being friendly and economically buoyant, Puerto Vallarta is easy to navigate, secure, has a bilingual police force and consistent, reasonably priced public transport. So you see, as great as Puerto Vallarta is as a vacation destination, it’s equally as attractive as a place to live, work, and raise your family! The 300 plus days of sunshine a year certainly make it easier, too, if for no other reason than the fact that you’ll rarely (if ever) have to worry about catching the flu around Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Things to do for fun

You’ll also be pleased to know that you have plenty to do in your free-time! Whether you want to take hikes in the countryside, enjoy horseback tours and bask in the glory of the Los Arcos rock formation then you’ll be able to do just that! Water lovers will be delighted at the snorkelling, diving, paddle-boarding and wildlife encounter activities that are available. Culture and the arts, however, is where it’s really at in Puerto Vallarta. The famed Malecón runs through the most cultured part of the city and will take you past areas in which you can see street performers, musicians, sculptures and markets filled with talented artisans!

Life in Puerto Vallarta isn’t as good as a vacation in Puerto Vallarta; it’s better… because you never have to leave! Imagine winding down from your work day by paddle boarding across Banderas bay, and then ask yourself what’s stopping you.

— June 14, 2016

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