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To help college graduates find themselves a job, the Forbes online magazine posted a list of great tips to help prepare and maybe aid you in getting a job once you have left college. Here are some of the top tips summarized:

Set yourself up a LinkedIn Account

Opening a LinkedIn account as soon as possible is one of the top pieces of advice for getting a job once you have finished college. Sixteen year old or older teenagers should set up a LinkedIn account and make sure they include any certificates and awards won at high school and also all relevant activities and hobbies. Even if you do not have many employers listed on your account, you should include any and all of your first jobs. These jobs could include minor employments such as walking dogs, dishwasher, waitressing, and babysitting. You will be able to amend your LinkedIn account at a later date and replace your first jobs as and when you get any more professional employment.

Create a Domain, Blog, and WordPress

At the present time, it is inexpensive to form your own website and domain name. To permit you to blog about professional things and personal interests you can then add WordPress format to the site. Your own website allows you to post blogs about anything you like, from news items to your favourite music and videos. Your own age group will appreciate any blogs about your favourite interests even if you cannot think of anything professional to blog on. You will be surprise how these moves can help you in your quest for getting a job after college.

Think About an Internship

Applying for an internship is one of the best ways to get the job you really want after your college years. Early in your thoughts should be to seek information about internships when you create your LinkedIn profile. There are many companies out there that have openings for young students as interns.

Find a Mentor

It is very important to find yourself a mentor. Unless your parents run a company that you would like to join, make sure you don’t rely on using them as your mentor. It is much better to go out and find yourself a suitable professional mentor. These can be found easily through LinkedIn and they will be very useful to help you into employment after college.

College Career Services

To assist you in your career try the career services office located within your college campus. Unfortunately not many students use these services, but they are there to help and advise you with constructing your resume and any covering letters. They can also put you in touch former students who have been in your situation in the past and also assist you with advice on your career path.

— June 23, 2016

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