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Among other job opportunities in Mexico, the timeshare work atmosphere is one of the most welcoming and relaxing. You will find yourself working in locations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto, destinations where most of the people are only dreaming to get to and, as working hours are generally very short, working is enjoyable. Below are some of the best paid timeshare jobs in Mexico.

OPC – Outdoor Promotional Canvassers

OPCs, also known as promoters, are active all over the cities where timeshare companies operate. Their job is to meet and greet any possible prospects, put any potential buyer at ease and invite them to attend a timeshare presentation and tour. They may offer different gifts such as tours and activities discounts, dinner vouchers, etc in appreciation of the client’s interest and a gesture of goodwill for taking up their valuable time. This is a very sociable timeshare job and one that allows you to meet lots of people each day.

Sales Executive Timeshare Jobs

The Sales Executive job is to push forward the vacation club business, educate, persuade and help any prospective buyers to purchase ownership by informing them about the value of becoming a timeshare owner. Setting up presentations, giving tours of the hotel, resort or property grounds and pointing out amenities and other features that are likely to persuade the customer to purchase are part of their responsibilities. This, along with researching visitor’s likes and dislikes and presenting vacation club packages that fit visitor’s budgets and vacationing habits are all part of their duties.

A timeshare sales position job begins early in the day with a breakfast tour with clients that are on their holidays. They would have come to see a resort in a sales presentation from somewhere in the area. The sales job entails taking them on a tour of the resort, providing them with their purchase options and answering any questions that they may have about becoming members of the resort. With any purchase which could cost between 13K and 200K, it takes special skills to actually get the client to see the value of owning at the resort in a 90-minute presentation. Usually after you have finished with your clients, you have the rest of the day to yourself. On most occasions, a timeshare salesperson has completed his duties by around one or two in the afternoon!

Senior Sales Executives

A Senior Sales Executive job has all the duties associated with the Sales Executive timeshare posts but has the added responsibilities of explaining the full programme of work, and getting any new prospective members to fill out the worksheet and obtain a form of payment.

It should be remembered that these timeshare jobs are not like your usual “sales” jobs such as in the retail industry or even car sales where you have to wait for a client to visit or show an interest in buying one of your products. The Timeshare industry is more akin to advertising or home improvement where clients are supplied daily and results are expected.

— June 8, 2016

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