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There are some things you need in order to work in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It can be fun and exciting but there are also some important matters you need to take into consideration. Here are some reminders that can help you out and can give you peace of mind before starting your career in Puerto Vallarta.

Work Permits to Work in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A work permit is the very first thing that you should think of if you want to work in Puerto Vallarta. If you plan on working in a job where high skills will be utilized, you won’t have problem getting a work permit. Jobs that have something to do with technology, computers, engineering and related ones which need English proficiency, give an applicant some comforts when applying for permit because companies will act it out for you just to get your services. This permit is known as FM3 and now called “Temporary Residence” and gives you permission to work.

Which Jobs in Puerto Vallarta Pay Best?

Specialized skills like sales and marketing, engineering and IT jobs gives higher pay compared to ordinary office jobs or blue collar ones. If you have capital, you might also choose to invest in your own business as it gives you the capacity of earning more but takes more time.

Speaking Spanish

Learning the local language is always beneficial for anyone who wants to reside in a different country. Mexico’s official language is Spanish and if you can read and write using it, surely you can get the best jobs available. However, if the job you’re applying for is hiring you because of your English skills, then it is not that important to learn Spanish. Your day to day encounter with the local people will soon let you have a grasp of the local lingo. So don’t worry and don’t rush things up, someday you’ll be able to speak it like a true blue Mexican.

How much do I need to live in Puerto Vallarta

The cost of living can be minimal if you are not too lavish but it can be expensive if you choose to live like a prince with a new kingdom. $1500- $2000 USD a month will just be enough for you to live a normal life in Mexico with the rental cost of an apartment that goes around at a price of $400- $1000 USD a month.

What about transport?

It is up for you to decide, but if we talk about practicality, then using taxis and buses can save you a lot of money considering you only have to pay for a fare. Owning a car requires you to pay for gas and maintenance. Puerto Vallarta is a city, where everything you need is just a stone’s throw away. So shake that leg and walk, the stores and shops are just nearby; you will even get some form of exercise when you buy a bottle of cola.

Trust in the Process

It’s hard to remain calm when you are standing in line and waiting for some papers to be processed. This is a common scenario in public offices when you get your permits or some requirements. Stay cool and never lose your temper. Just be patient, it will all work out just fine and you’ll receive what you need in due time

Health Insurance

As a foreign resident, you can buy a government health insurance to cover the basics. For a better coverage and additional benefits, you can have yourself a private health care insurance at an affordable cost.

— November 26, 2015

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