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You must meet all the requirements along with acquiring a work visa to work legally in Mexico. It isn’t hard to do. To get a work visa you must meet all the requirements and this would go along with your personal needs and circumstances and nationality. This article will give you information on immigration to work in Mexico. You will learn what to do to work in Mexico legally. One thing that you must remember is the immigration laws can change at any time too.

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Immigration to Work in Mexico Legally

For most nationalities, visiting Mexico on vacation is very easy to do. Many tourists are allowed to stay in Mexico for 180 days, which upon arrival is stamped. For immigration to work in Mexico legally means you will need to obtain a Temporary Residence visa along with permission to work before you arrive in Mexico or you will have to leave Mexico while the immigration is being processed.

In 2012, Mexico’s immigration laws were changed. Many individuals were able to apply for their immigration work visa after they had already came to Mexico, so you should beware that there is contradicting information on the internet around this topic.

Legally Work in Mexico with a Temporary and Permanent Resident Visa

Any non-Mexican nationals will need to apply for a temporary or permanent resident’s visa to live and work legally in Mexico. You must start the temporary and permanent resident visas before you arrive in Mexico. You will have to provide proof that you have an offer for a job with a company along with the required documents to submit along with your application to work legally in Mexico.

The Villa Group – Work Legally in Mexico

The Villa Group’s partners in Mexico will assist you in obtaining a Temporary Residence status if you are an excellent candidate for a job with this company. You will need all of the required paperwork collected, then you will take it to the Mexican consulate in your country and city (not in Mexico). You will present the paperwork from your local immigration office when you arrive in Mexico, and it will not be finalized until then. All of this must be done within thirty days of your arrival to Mexico.

Permanent Mexican Resident

Once you have possessed your temporary resident visa for four years you will have the opportunity to apply for a Permanent Residents Visa, and you will not have to renew this type of visa.

The payroll company with The Villa Group will assist you with any questions that you may have about working in Mexico legally if you are hired as one of their employees.

Immigration to work in Mexico may seem like a difficult task, but if you are hired by the Villa Group, then their payroll company will assist you on obtaining your visa to work in Mexico legally.

— January 12, 2018

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