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The timeshare industry is big; these days it employs over 500,000 people in 5,000 resorts across 120 countries. This is a global industry which forms a huge part of the travel and tourism trade, and this means that there’s plenty of money to be made if you know what you’re doing. This is a challenging and rewarding working environment which offers a number of roles. Here is our guide to what it is really like working in timeshare.

Working in Timeshare

Much of working in timeshare means having skill as a sales person; this takes dedication, passion, focus, and no small measure of personal charm. A natural flair will help you along the way, but be ready to work at it because there are some really dedicated people in these teams!

OPC (Off Property Contact)

When working in timeshare as an OPC, or Off Property Contact, you’ll enjoy a flexible and varied schedule which could see you stationed at the airport, in a shopping mall, or even on the boardwalk. No matter where you are set, however, your role will be to rustle up interest and clients for the sales presentations held at the resort. The short hours and flexible schedules make this role perfect for working parents, and the freebies and incentives you have to offer make it much easier to catch people’s attention.

Working in timeshare In-house

Although people may have already spoken with an OPC at the airport, working in house means you are much more likely to find people when they are fresh and open to such a proposition (rather than after they have met and OPC on every street corner and shopping center in town!). You will be their first point of contact, and so can make a really great impression and pique their interest with some great discounts and freebies; your job is to make them willing to sacrifice some time for the tour.

Timeshare Salesroom

Working in timeshare within the confines of the salesroom comes with the perk of not having to go hunting for your clients; they are all delivered to you. The payoff, of course, is that you have targets to work to and a more pressured environment. If you have the skills and drive for this kind of role you can make a lot of money selling timeshares, but it is all self-driven. The more you sell the more you earn, and the more opportunities you get so your really have to be on you’re a-game all the time here. As an added bonus you will also have most of the day to yourself; the salesroom shuts at 2pm. Of course this means that you will have to work hard to close deals before this point. Your role will be twofold; you need to help your clients to see the benefit of owning a timeshare, firstly, and also, secondly, to talk numbers and close the deal.

These are just three of the roles open to people working in timeshare, behind the scenes there are admin, staff, executives and more.

— January 3, 2018

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