Living Near San José del Cabo – Villa Group Recruiting

Considered as a low profile counterpart of the popular Cabo San Lucas, the serene yet sophisticated San Jose del Cabo awaits visitors with lots of surprises in tow. Not just the peaceful beaches set in astounding paradise-like glory, but the list of activities that San jose del Cabo offers will keep you fully entertained.

If you accept a job with the Villa Group in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo can make an idyllic day trip or weekend getaway.

Enjoy Colonial Architecture

Get to study how the buildings were done in such beauty and grandeur. The architecture of the past is so alive with stunning structures that line up the whole of San Jose del Cabo. The masterpieces include the 18th century old Mision de San Jose del Cabo Anuiti, the 1940 refurbished San Jose Missionary Church, the 19th century City Hall, as well as the historic town plaza.

Visit the Galleries

Art lovers will be treated to a marvelous display of art housed in the many galleries found in San Jose del Cabo. Local artists have such huge talent that discovering the next Picasso seems not so hard to do. The famous Art Walk done during nighttime Thursday gives an opportunity to encounter first hand great art pieces and as well meeting various art personalities like the artist themselves, art dealers and gallery owners.

The Wildlife Estuary is Waiting to be Explored

Nature trippers will have a good time when they see various species of birds wandering in their own natural home. See face-to-face ibis, herons and hummingbirds. It’s a quiet haven where man and the feathered ones meet and greet.

Satisfy Your Appetite

Enjoy dinner in one of the formal restaurants or take a snack at a cozy counter. San Jose del Cabo is home to top chefs in the region, and they are ready to share their mouth-watering cuisines. Since it’s a spot surrounded by seas, don’t ask why seafood and other water delicacies take center stage.

Shop ‘till You Drop Experience

Shopping is not to be forgotten, and hand-made Mexican handicrafts are not to be ignored. The Plaza Artesanos has all sorts of artisan jewelries, blankets, bags and home decors. For the really adventurous shopper, don’t miss out the Las Tiendas de Palmilla, where goods for sale are just too many like the sands of the beaches. You can buy all sorts of stuff, from colorful swimwearsto antiques and fashion jewelries.

San Jose del Cabo offers many forms of activities and entertainment. It has the appeal that mesmerizes visitors and makes them come back for more.

— January 16, 2018

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