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Although it can be highly daunting to take the first steps into a new job in a new city or country, we think that a taste of the unknown is at least a little bit exciting! You can ease the pressure by approaching the task of job seeking from many different angles. Put some of the following ideas into action when finding a job in Mexico and watch the opportunities which flow in

Useful Websites for finding a Job in Mexico

There are many helpful websites which will help you finding a job in Mexico by efficiently compiling all of the viable vacancies within your chosen fields. A good site for this is Craig’s List, which allows you to narrow your search with categories such as location and job type, but of course does let you browse wider categories too. Glassdoor, too, is a useful site if you want to filter your vacancies based on a full or part time basis. This can be a real time saver when you have a million and one things to do on your quest for finding a job in Mexico.

Networking on and offline for finding a job in Mexico

The wonder of the internet have provided us with many platforms through which we can connect with people, whether it be for friendship, employment, or information. Whether you follow a jobs page on Facebook or creating profile on LinkedIn the internet can provide a plethora of employment opportunities! Of course, you shouldn’t stick only to online networking when set on finding a job in Mexico; get to know your neighbors, talk to people in coffee shops, and speak to local business owners. Make it known that you’re looking for word and people may feed any opportunities back to you.

Company Research for finding a job in Mexico

The internet has many uses, of course, but it really excels as a tool for research; often companies display current job vacancies on their website, which will also give you an idea for the company’s ethics and values. It always pays to be clued up about the companies that you could be working for in the future as question about the company’s goals and works are commonly asked in the interview. There is success to be found in looking up company information for companies within your area to see what’s likely to be on offer; you could even contact them directly to see if they have openings.

The Good Old Fashioned Way

If you have the time and energy around moving into your new home you should update and tailor your resume for each application; this may be somewhat old-fashioned, but it is a tried and tested method which people have employed for years! This personal approach could get you far in a new country; your physical presence will give your prospective employers a face to attach to the resume that you hand in. This personal touch may be “old school”, but when you are an unknown quantity seeing you in person may swing them in your favor. You can make a great impression when you do the legwork for finding a job in Mexico.

So – how did you find finding a job in Mexico when you first arrived? Please let us know your methods and success stories in the comments section below so that other people can benefit from your experience.

— November 14, 2017

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