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We would very much like to share some information with you in regards to how you may succeed in your sales endeavors more often. Eugene Kim wrote a wonderful article for Business Insider which states that sales success is tied to the way we a speak just as much as it is to the products we sell. He has identified key vocabulary that we should use in our sales pitches, and if you wish to know what these key points are, read on.

Use your client’s name often

Using the correct or preferred form of address for your customers shows respect and personalizes the experience. These days most people will be comfortable and happier if you use their forename, but if your client is older or the sale is high value it may be more appropriate to use their title. Tailor your approach to each client to ensure you maximize your successes.

Using inclusive language

When making a successful sale, you need to build trust with your clients and make sure they are engaged with the situation and your sales pitch. By using the word “You” at least once per minute you are showing your customer that they have your full attention and that you consider them to be an equal part of this process. For example, instead of saying “people love this area” instead say “you could have the time of your life here”.

Exchange “buts” for “ands”

Avoid using the word “but” as it has negative connotations which might raise a red flag for your clients. When describing the values and benefits of a place, property, or product always use the word “and”. And indicates that you are stacking value on value.

Choosing from a range of “yeses”

Be sure to offer options to your customers, too. Don’t simply leave them with the choice of yes and no; if you want to succeed in sales you need to offer as many “yeses” as possible. By offering your customers option A, B, and C, rather than a simple yes or no you will increase the likelihood of success.

Tailor your sales pitch carefully for success

Value is as subjective as beauty; what is of value to one customer is of no value to another. Be sure to identify those things which will be of value to the person in front of you and communicate them as effectively as you can. For example, if your customer has children, or young nieces/nephews/godchildren which will be at their home frequently highlight the local parks, or the benefits of a specific product for children. Likewise if you are selling to a young couple highlight the things that will be useful/valuable to them.

Questions – Shall we … ?

Don’t boss or lead your customers to make a sale; offer them choices and options which will help you to understand what is important to them, but also where they are in the process. This will also get them used to saying “yes”. Try asking, “should we go over the numbers again?”, “do you want to see X again?”, and “are you ready to think about a contract?” instead of pushing them to make a quick choice.

Get your clients feelings on board

Make sure that your vocabulary is full of powerful adjectives which invoke images and engage all of the senses. Words like “extraordinary”, “breathtaking”, and “unbeatable” will catch the ear and the imagination much more effectively than “good”, or “great”. Pick words that engage the senses; sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch can all aid you in making a successful sale.

Paint a 3D picture with words – Reference the senses

As we stated you should try to engage your customers senses as much as you possibly can, but you should also consider how you might engage emotion as well. Referencing how things look, sound, smell, taste, or feel is good, but you should also think about how they will make your client feel.

What other suggestions would you add to those put forth by Eugene Kim? Let us know what you consider to be essential sales vocabulary in the comments section below!

Reference retrieved on November 12th 2017: Using these 13 words will help salespeople close deals faster and make tons of money

— November 23, 2017

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