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There are many different stories that claim that beach life in Mexico is like being on vacation every day. Working and living on the beach is a must for a dream life, right? Well, maybe you should think again. There are dangers involved in getting a job in Mexico and living on the beach. Here are a few tips why you should never get a job in Mexico…

Dissatisfaction Going Back Home

Getting a good job in Mexico means that anytime you go to other places, including your hometown, you will feel dissatisfaction, because your friends and family members will become bored with you quickly with the comments that you say such as “In Mexico, I can enjoy fresh oysters on the beach anytime I want” or “In Mexico, the weather is perfect as the temperature is always sunny and 70 degrees”. Your friends and family will be jealous and envious with you.

Constant flow of visitors

When you get a job in Mexico it means you will have visitors from back home constantly streaming in. When you post photos of your life on your Facebook or Instagram account, your friends will quickly find an affordable flight to come see you and stay with you. You will always have visitors and you will never be alone again. You may want to choose a place in Mexico where it is dull and boring, so nobody wants to come stay with you.

Managing tan lines will stress you out

When you live and work in Mexico it means that in your free time you will be enjoying the beach and sunshine. Managing your tan lines will be a constant battle. You can avoid the bathing suit searching hassles and constant tan lines by just avoiding getting a job in Mexico.

Boring Sunrises

The Caribbean Sea sunrises gets boring when you see them every day, who wants to see that? To be honest, the sunrises in Mexico are just over-rated, and who wants to get up early to see them, anyway? You might want to stay in your own country where there is clouds that don’t let the sun shine. If you want your daily source of Vitamin D, then invest in a sun lamp.

Sunglasses Expenses

Sunglasses become very important when you live in Mexico, and you will be wasting a lot of money trying to purchase the best and top sunglasses designs, so you look cool. You can eliminate sunglasses expenses by living in a place where there is little sunlight.

Are you still interesting in living and working in Mexico? The transition can be less of a hassle when you arrive in Mexico when we have a great job ready for you. These are just some of the reasons why you should never get a job in Mexico! As you can see there are so many benefits and features to living and working in Mexico.

— November 28, 2017

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