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Have you ever thought about what people think when you tell them what it is you do for a living? We as humans are prone to making judgements; it’s part of how we’re wired, a survival instinct as old as time. We judge people, at first, on their looks, the way they speak, and of course on what they do for a living.

Here are some of the things that people might think about you when you tell them what your job is:

Sales Jobs

If you were to ask the average person what they thought the average salesman/woman was like they would say they are likely to be outgoing, talkative, and have excellent communication skills. It is generally thought that people who work in sales have dominant personalities, a lot of ambition, and are quick thinkers who see the benefits of situations and products easily.


Different finance jobs require different kinds of people; generally speaking, however, they will be ambitious, goal orientated, and able to see patterns and discern opportunities. Accountants and financial analysts are more likely to be introverted.

Freelance jobs

People who want freelance jobs, it is said, are generally those who prefer to be masters of their own time, who want to push against some authority, and who are highly self-motivated. As such, freelance workers tend to be freedom loving, independent, and able to multi-task. Freelance work requires the kind of personality that is ok with a lack of security and routine; people who can thrive in times of uncertainty.


Skilled technical jobs require people with intelligence, focus, and problem solving capabilities. They are the kind of people who will be able to think laterally and work based on logic and facts rather than emotion and hunches. Technicians will most often be goal orientated, if not ambitious, and will prefer quantitative data over qualitative. Generally they will prefer roles where their duties are clearly distinguished.


As with most of creative jobs it can go without saying that artists, musicians, writers, painters, and fashion designers, etc, are creative, freedom loving, and very often perfectionists. These are dreamers looking to express themselves and inspire others. Much like freelance work this is work for people who don’t necessarily crave security and routine.

Health workers

If you were to sum up the average healthcare worker, what would you say? Caring? Nurturing? Empathetic? Well, yes, all of these things; healthcare workers deal with people each and every day, and they see them at their most vulnerable, their most fragile, and sometimes at their worst. These are strong, resilient people who know how to care without becoming attached. They can compartmentalize emotions in a way that the rest of us simply cannot most of the time.


Teachers and educators tend to be perfectionists who can break down their tasks into bite-sized units. They will be highly dedicated, hardworking, and outgoing; teaching requires good communication skills, empathy, and a thick-skin.

Business owners and entrepreneurs

What many business owners have in common their ambition, creativity, and drive! Most are intelligent, adept in multitasking, and have leadership qualities. Their beliefs and drive to create are essential to their success.

Blue collar jobs

Most blue-collar workers are goal orientated, though it may seem that they lack ambition, and will be loyal, reliable, and hardworking. These people may have a sense of duty and responsibility to employers who are good to them.

This list is not exhaustive, of course, but covers many bases. Please add your job to the comments section below and share what you think your job says about you as a person.

— October 25, 2017

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