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If you are thinking about joining us, the Ciudad del Mar staff comic which is published every second month in order to celebrate the successes and feats of our members of staff (your prospective colleagues!). When you join the team you will become a part of this amazing family, and you too may be celebrated in this way! Why not use this perfect opportunity to get to know the people you could be working with?

Ciudad del Mar Comic

This bi-monthly comic was initially started in May this year as a platform from which to celebrate the excellent and varied people who make up the staff. The comic, called Ciudad del Mar (or, City by the Sea) is circulated freely in order to promote the hard work and sacrifices made by many employees and portrays the real life stories and challenges faced by some individuals. After all it is the employees who work so hard each day that have made this company what it is today; they, and perhaps you, are the face of the business and have the most direct impact upon the consumer.

Handwork, dedication and teamwork

The goal of Ciudad del Mar is two-fold; it aims to both praise and motivate the employees of the Villa Group and Tafer Hotels & Resort by representing their lives and achievements in comic form. The fictional city and families in each edition represent the lives and experiences of collaborators and employees. Each issue is based in fact and has an overall message about how small actions and good attitudes can change the worlds we live in each day. We think it’s an amazing way to pay tribute to the wonderful teams who have made this company the huge success that it is today!

Creative storytelling and celebration

Though all of the story-lines in Ciudad del Mar take inspiration from real life situations they are enriched by a healthy dose of creativity, and a good amount of fiction in their make-up (all of this is agreed upon by the real life person upon whom the story is based). All staff members are invited to share their tales and anecdotes with the comic and their colleagues.

You can read the most recent editions of this comic by clicking the links below;

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To commend staff members

This comic is only one of the ways in which Villa Group and Tafer Hotels & Resorts show their appreciation to their employees; this is a partnership dedicated to investing in the talent they have on their team. This, however, is one of the most unique and genuine ways in which, we feel, appreciation can be shown for the hard work our employees put in on a daily basis!

If you want to be part of a team that is appreciated and motivated feel free to contact us today!

— November 2, 2017

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